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Readers wishes to John Wright

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a die hard faan
happy birthday saurav
by a die hard faan on Jul 08, 2003 12:12 AM

hi saurav da
many many many many.................................. happy returns of the day.may god bless u with His choicest blessings and enlighten ur path with HIS guidence.
we all indians r proud of u and salute ur work and the efforts u had done and r doing to uplift indian cricket (and i hope u continue it)
initially everybody rebuked u and ur way of conduct ur way of doing things but when results started to show up every body said "see didnt i tell u"(b it a former player commentator or a street boy)ya sure success has many fathers
every body said u behave like maharaj on field but the ground reality remains u were not maharaj to ur boys but dada (a big brother )who guided them thru their difficult phases.may b thats why guys like yuvi and bhaji have immense faith in u
now indian team is not a bunch of indiviuals but a closely knitt unit.and this cud not have been possible without uHATS OFF TO U DA
once again a very very very very haaaaaaaaaapppppppppppyyyyyyyyy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enjoy and best of luck for ur future

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