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The wheels come off Waugh

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The wheels come off Waugh
by Anand on Dec 18, 2003 04:44 PM

The Australians are getting away with poor selection and the author has not mentioned the positives for the Indian cricket. It is true that the Aussies did make mistake but it also takes a lot of precision to actually put the bowl in correct places either with the ball or with the bact. The Aussies do have revolutionised the game but the course of the match was again decided by Laxman and Dravid who played the old style cricket- Stay and consolidate, Stay put runs will come.. It was a masterpiece from the Indians and we are proud to witness the exhibition of concentration and the elegance from these two batsmen. Coming to Ajit agarkar's bowling, he did also say that right from the morning he knew it was his day. Sachin Tendulkar is no part time bowler. He is a cricket player with a mind and always wants to contribute and thats exactly what he did. Though the person to really appreciate is Mr Captain, who really measured the requirements well and marshalled is resources which lured the Aussies and was the cause of their fall. It is unfair not to give Indians the due credit.

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