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by Manian on Aug 14, 2018 08:14 AM   Permalink | Hide replies

Police should find out the real culprit at least in this case since delhi police is known for producing hapless people as attempted killer. Truth should come out. What is interesting is his utterance that he thought of Gauri Lankesh at the time of seeing the gun whereas he would have got s_it scared for his life. Too much of hype created around these fellows thanks to opposition who want to take mileage on every act to gain few more seats in the upcoming election.

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  Re: Lier
by Manav Das on Aug 14, 2018 08:29 AM   Permalink
It's the ruling party that creates hype around him. Please read papers once in a while. This Khalid monkey's name is in almost every speech by respected BJP and RSS members.

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  Re: Re: Lier
by bethapudidavid prabhu on Aug 14, 2018 09:55 AM   Permalink
Strongly agree with you Mr. Manav

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'I thought of Gauri Lankesh when I saw the gun so close to me'