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Re: Problem is not just H1-B
by Guest on Apr 25, 2009 03:05 AM

when a company intends to hire a skilled worker in March, some how do not find any American worker, he has the choice to hire a H1B worker. Then he will file the petition to sponsor a candidate for H1B Visa, but that will be effective only in October, what shall the company do till that time (almost 6 months), wait till the candidate gets his visa stamped and then join the company here??

Thats where the IT consulting companies come in to picture, they can provide the resource as and when required by the company. The law should be applicable to the companies intend to hire consultants, not on the consulting firms. I agree there are many firms taking advantages of the system loop holes, ICE is already working on those firms.
I dont know why many of you are ( who seems came here through the h1b program itself)shouting against the consulting firms, when you are the guys who make the choice to come through them to fulfill your american dream

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