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Indian Media is disgusting
by SuryaPrakashArya on Oct 06, 2010 04:47 PM

Indian Media is very disgusting and the actual villain for the negative publicity. I wonder how they never cover the issues pertinent to hold such sporting events of such large scale. Mani Shankar Aiyar is talking about poverty to everything except the sporting events like this. A country like India need many reasons to celebrate its being and identity.

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and where are the audience??
by gali on Oct 06, 2010 08:03 AM

its such a pity that there is no single person to watch the games.
Its clear that government wasted tonnes of money.how are we going to get that money back when no one buys the tickets?

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tuleswar nath
No Football
by tuleswar nath on Oct 05, 2010 10:02 AM

Wonder why there is no football in CWG. Would have been interesting even if the first choice teams from countries like England and Nigeria were not there.

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sq kazmi
Let's change the name of CWG to something else.
by sq kazmi on Oct 05, 2010 12:56 AM  | Hide replies

Seems that the inherent aspect of being ruled by foreign power as is embedded in the meaning of (British)Commonwealth, is having an effect on the morale of the Indian players. Why should we call ourselves member of common wealth when we are free of the yoke of British raj?

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Sheetal Kaur
Re: Let's change the name of CWG to something else.
by Sheetal Kaur on Oct 05, 2010 02:27 AM
Although you have posted in English but i don't think that you understood proper English and the concept of the article.
Go back and read again you might understand it better second time around.

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Re: Let's change the name of CWG to something else.
by Raju on Oct 05, 2010 01:10 AM
Why are we still speaking English which was a result of the British rule among other things ?

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Net Surfer
Re: Let's change the name of CWG to something else.
by Net Surfer on Oct 05, 2010 03:19 AM
Agree, we should stop common wealth games or change its name. The fact that we are speaking english doesn't mean we continue everything of british raj.

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Re: Re: Let's change the name of CWG to something else.
by IndianGuy on Oct 06, 2010 01:34 AM
Enjoy the matches and forget the past.. look ahead think ahead.

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Just a matter of time before India does well in sports
by Raju on Oct 05, 2010 12:48 AM

In Olympics or other international stage games, India needs to focus on athletics, gymnastics, swimming and shooting, because that's where all the medals are. But unfortunately, these fields are already cornered and perfected by other countries and we are lagging way behind. So it will be a tough fight to win medals.
But if India produces world class individuals in one of these events, it will climb up the medals ladder easily. Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals all by himself in Swimming in 2008 Olympics.

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by Sohail on Oct 04, 2010 11:30 PM  | Hide replies

Let's stop talking about the Scam based CWG...

Our hard earned money which we pay by tax is getting into the pockets of all these babus..

Do tissue papers come for 6000 rs per packet or a treadmill come on rent for Rs 9 lakh a month

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Sheetal Kaur
Re: Bullshit
by Sheetal Kaur on Oct 05, 2010 02:36 AM
Who gave you these figures to start with.
it seems that you get very informative dreams at night.

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Re: Bullshit
by Sur on Oct 04, 2010 11:42 PM
bloody bull shit

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