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Hockey players to go on hunger strike

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Deepak Sood
hockey ?? our national game ?
by Deepak Sood (View MyPage) on Oct 07, 2007 08:12 AM

lols..u gotta be kidding. just do a survey in 100 Cr population. i am sure Cricket will end up being as a national game. its like a religion. Indian media, sponsors etc need to take a dig at themselves on giving step motherly treatment. Its high time even Hockey game is given its due credit. after all we were the world champions for long time and things surely looking brighter for future.

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santosh sandbhor
We need to help Hockey and other games too
by santosh sandbhor (View MyPage) on Oct 05, 2007 09:29 PM

Dear All,

I do understand the wrong doings of Politicians and the State Governments. The only question is what ever thay have offered, are they seriously going to Hand over to the player.
It may just remain as an announcement.

Congrats to Hockey and cricket team for their victory.

If no politicains we as public can surely reward the Hockey players if everyone wishes.

What to do you all say PEOPLE??

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raja sekhar
Shame on Govts
by raja sekhar (View MyPage) on Oct 02, 2007 12:27 AM

The win of Indian hockey team in the Asia Cup is a no mean act than the T20 cup. In fact it is greater. Indian Hockey team created history by scoring 20 goals in a match and also defeating a defender South Korea twice in the tournament.

Our shameless bootsucking politicians dont bother to follow and develop other games than the lazy cricket and the media is also to be blamed as it is also biased towards other sports.

All our politicians should be first sent to learn the national game, national bird, national animal, national anthem etc. because I am afraid atleast 10% of the MPs dont know the above exactly.

KUDOS to Indian Hockey Team; your CONVINCING victory is far more greater than the LUCKY win of our Indian cricket team over Pakistan.

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Rajat madaan
Shame Shame Shame
by Rajat madaan (View MyPage) on Oct 01, 2007 07:56 AM  | Hide replies

It is really very very painful to hear this from one of our mate in melbourne, he asked me when he heard about this, Is India such a rich nation? I was answerless how could i explain him this is 'Indian Politics'. Shame upon the government. I suggest that we should change our national game to cricket and all the national emb things like national animal (becoz they will be extinct very soon) national bird (you don't find these species very often)
Moreover, rather than going on a hunger strike friends why don't you take your hockey sticks and burnt it in front of the minister office i know its painful because you have worshiped and nurtured it like your mother but what to do when you don't get the respect you deserve and treated as STEP game may god give some commonsense to our intelligent ministers

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ravi shekhar
RE:Shame Shame Shame
by ravi shekhar (View MyPage) on Oct 01, 2007 02:23 PM
i dont think its that much painful ...i am very happy that indian hockey team won asia cup ...but they didn't even yet qualify for olumpics...(its hurting).so indian hockey team also hav to do something big to get attention of everyone ....so dont compare indian hockey with cricket and t20 with asis cup ....there is many series in cricket india won but didn't get that type of response ....this was t20 "world cup"....
i am very sure that if indian hockey bring atleast a bronze in olumpics they will definately get more attention then what indian t20 team get ....so keep urself up and play well ..best of luck to hockey team ..

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RE:Shame Shame Shame
by bowler (View MyPage) on Oct 01, 2007 04:26 PM
cmon , its the fact that this kind of money is generated from the sport that lets the players get them. Also the fact that its a popular sport makes the politicians want to hang around these cricketes as though they nurtured them.
Hockey , on the other side has been in the news for reasons other than wins.The administration of this sport has been far from satisfactory. The players outbursts in media also has made it more unpopular.People who need to popularise this sport are busy with other things, what have these players done to solve this ? and they want huge chunks of money .. its time that these guys also learnt things like marketing, pr, media apart from hockey so that they can do good to that sport.of course they are good players so are many crickets who play ranji or sit in the bench or supply water or are left out due to injury or bad form.
i think that again hockey players are in the news for the wrong reasons.

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by Sharath (View MyPage) on Sep 28, 2007 06:29 PM  | Hide replies

As far as hockey or any sport is concerned we dont want stardom,what we want is something which should make the players feel secure,most of them have a bleak future.Maybe this very thought could affect their performance.The media
only compares cricket vs hockey outwardly.To promote a game people should be aware of the rules and skills governing them.Everyone knows what a yorker or run rate is,nobody knows what a cut-shot is.All this can be covered only when there is a hockey tornament.But the media has done nothing to cover this.As far I have seen hockey is 1000 times more interesting when compared to cricket-the element of unpredictability is more than cricket sometimes more than football(believe me-im not exaggerating).Maybe Im belong to a different planet!

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by (View MyPage) on Sep 29, 2007 11:36 AM
More than anything else, there needs to be money in other sports - money that goes to players, so people start paying some interest to these sports.

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abhijeet kulkarni
by abhijeet kulkarni (View MyPage) on Oct 01, 2007 02:00 PM
See .....Hockey will get a respect when pappu politicians will put money in this as they r putting money in CRICKET.....unless there will be no change in the situation after 2 decades also...


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KVSK Prasad
So, do the hockey players really want the cash incentives etc??
by KVSK Prasad (View MyPage) on Sep 28, 2007 07:23 AM  | Hide replies

It was the same Cricket team that got out of the World Cup and what happened then? Their houses were clobbered, effigies burnt, threats to family members blah, blah, blah ....
So, does the hockey team really want to receive "equality" in status??
I believe half the side would have been dead by now if one has to go by the laurels that they bring for the country.
And here they are asking for equal treatment with Cricket.
Believe that they should be happy about the fact that they are not at the same stakes as in Cricket. The sheer pressure on crickets if put on pur hockey players can kill them.

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RE:So, do the hockey players really want the cash incentives etc??
by attacker (View MyPage) on Sep 28, 2007 09:21 AM
the amt of money and media support wasted on cricketers... if utilized ih hockey and other power sports.. they can deliver world cup every time...

u forgot to mention the security given to cricketers...

the pressure on hockey players r 100 times more than that of a cricketer in india.. hockey player always hae to think of their livelihood in india... if this much pressure put on cricketers... these money-mondided cricketers leave cricket the next day...

PS: hamare hockey mein chakke nahi hote

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RE:So, do the hockey players really want the cash incentives etc??
by Praveen (View MyPage) on Sep 30, 2007 11:52 PM
When you speak of a topic, u should c both sides. If effigies are burnt and families of cricketers' are threatened, they get too much of protection as well. Talking about pressure...the game is a proffession for the players. They too have families to feed and take care of. The pressure on hockey players is much greater when compared to cricketers'..... Hockey,being the national game of India, deserves to get the status it needs. Anyways, too much of hype given to cricket in India is totally un-fair. Equality must be sought for hockey.

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Its a mad mad mad mad mad mad world !!!
by Guruji (View MyPage) on Sep 27, 2007 03:05 PM  | Hide replies

How can people be attracted to Hockey or any other sports, if they are not paid well or get any good status in the society. If companies or govt. start pumping money to hockey or any other sports, if they are projected well by the media, then people may go for these sports as well.

Shocked to hear that KPS Gill offered 1000 /- per goal . Yuvraj got 1 crore for his 6 sixes !!!!

If the govt. thinks that Asia cup is not important comapared to a 20 20 cricket world cup, then divide the amount given to cricketers by six ( six continents ) and give , atleast, that much amount to asia cup hockey winners.

Another question is will it be the same treatment to Indian cricket team as had for hockey time if they had won Asia Cup cricket beating Pakisthan and srilanka ?

The plain truth is that nobody wants to support any other sports other than cricket.

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ruchi  jaiswal
RE:Its a mad mad mad mad mad mad world !!!
by ruchi jaiswal (View MyPage) on Sep 27, 2007 09:55 PM
people wants to support hockey
lekin janta shamil tab hogi jab IHL hockey ki jeet ko celiberate karega
ya media jada coverage degi
board ke member bas din kaat rahe hai
kps gill pata nahi kab se baite hai aur kab tak jame rahenge

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KVSK Prasad
RE:Its a mad mad mad mad mad mad world !!!
by KVSK Prasad (View MyPage) on Sep 28, 2007 07:27 AM
Should we also shower the mishandling and mafia treatment that we ushered on our crickets for all failures of the hockey team ???

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RE:Its a mad mad mad mad mad mad world !!!
by coldkiller (View MyPage) on Sep 27, 2007 03:38 PM
cool it dude, i crore was given by the BCCI and not the govt. BCCI doesn't and need not care about hockey. go on hunger-strike before Gill's office for not declaring 1 crores for the hockey team.

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Armchair players...
by heaven (View MyPage) on Sep 27, 2007 03:02 PM

If people understand the meaning of 'armchair'sports, thats what they are all playing!

Sitting on a comfy couch, with a large bucket of pop-corn, sipping Pepsi, does not make one an authority on any sport! Yes you just have more access to watching more sport on telly but you are not an expert on the subject!

Some of the guys who are posting stuff on this forum is totally rubbish!!! Absolute rubbish!! I was shocked to see one on Kargil war and sport!!! I mean where is the connection???!! Noone wants a war! And people(soldiers) who participate do it as their duty to the nation and not as a hobby. Sport is a passion, where a person has to reach a level of excellence after huge amount of practice! It takes years of practice and tons of dedication to reach a level of skill to be a part of the national team.

Each in its way has its importance but cannot be compared! And for the gentlman's info, post the Kargil war, the 'suvivors' (not winners) will not, least of all do a victory lap! War has no winners, only suvivors, and their family are thankful that they came away alive!!

So quit trying to be the pseudo-nationalist, and learn to appreciate each level of excellence! A sport at a competitive level deserves credit and praise if their they have performed credibly!! War is not a skill, it is survival and a patriotic fervour!!

That way these idiots will compare Infosys and its management team with Kargil.....ludicrous isnt it!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!

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