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Dempo player dies during game

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Tamil and Kannada  fans
Sad demise of our beloved player cristiano junior !
by Tamil and Kannada fans on Dec 08, 2004 11:18 AM

We fans extending heart burst sadness and
very deep condolence, the untime death of junior
since we witnessed all the matches of cristiano
in the federation cup he was amazing and marvelous
performer who laydown his last breath for the glory
of the team he is an gallent warrior, we were witnessed the match that junior has not got timely treatment, that to in silicon city, we feel ashame however it is a faite,the referee attended to the incident immediately called the existing physio doctor aswel ambulance we appriciate his effective reaction in appropriate time,we do not understand why they have not taken to next door hospital mallya which is famous for cadiology,we request the KSFA to generate an fund for the welfare of junior's family generously.

we pray with tears may our junior soul may rest in peace.

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Junior's untimely death...
by Paul on Dec 06, 2004 07:21 PM

If Bhutia is right in suspecting the goalkeeper's hand in the death of Junior, he should be suspended for life.No sportsmanship at all!
Nowadays if players make mistakes like this especially players from Bengal,no action takes place.Unfortunate! See in cricket, how Ganguly leads the team, if he plays in Kolkata, he will try to shine.His health will be alright and the doctors also say he is fit...!Are there not players in India when India boasts of millions of people.
In one international match, Ganguly was seen munching when the national anthem was played while the opponents were respecting the anthem in attention.
How could these people save the country and bring glory?
An Indian from Bhutan.

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arunava biswas
regarding footballer junior's death
by arunava biswas on Dec 06, 2004 03:09 PM

the message from a Mohoun Bagan fan----

i will never forget hero junior,who make the last touch of his carer to convert the chance in a goal.

there is no word to express junior's death,there is also no word to describe his performance in india--man with 15 goal for east bengal football club at last national leage(played 14 math in NFL).
we just can tell that a hero die in the battel field , after giving his team a victory in a important war.

i also like to critisize footballfederation for not kepping Decadron injection to ground-doctor , which can save a person that time.
there was too many guest in the ground , but not enough safety for footballers'.

when they understand it's need?
why he was not taken nearby hospital?
was ther any oxygen cilinder in the ambulance?

i now none going to answer all this question.--becos,none have the answer of these question.

as a football fan, i like that either india goverment or indian football federation should take care of this footballer's family , as a part of humanity.
junior's family lost there son,a wife lost his husbend & we lost a great footballer ,who make a last touch to convert that in a goal.

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Rajeeb Banerjee
Death - due to drugs
by Rajeeb Banerjee on Dec 06, 2004 09:28 AM

I am sorry for the death of a healthy individual. However this sudden death - points to only one thing that is unmonitored use of performance inhancing drugs such as beta-blockers, steroids etc. The true cause will be revealed after a post mortem, I wonder if the true cause of death is revealed.
With condolences to Indian footabll

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Thilagavathi Thyagarajan
by Thilagavathi Thyagarajan on Dec 06, 2004 04:25 AM

im really feeling hurt on this news of a the dempo players death, becox im also a national level football player, and i had watched this players game which was a real fabulous one, he did not deserve this kind of death, i really feel bad for what had happened to him, may god bless his soul.

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by Shivraj on Dec 06, 2004 01:38 AM

The TV replays showed the Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subroto Paul hitting poor Cristiano Junior in the head even after the ball went past him to the goal. The goalkeeper had clearly attacked him without the slightest sportsmanship. Whatever post-mortem reports come out, strong disciplinary action must be taken against the erring sportsman (in this case,the Mohun Bagan goalkeeper)so that such street-behaviour doesn't sring up in competitions in future. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the unfortunate footballer who perished, while taking his team to glory.

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