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Let's admit it, there's something unacceptable about homosexuality

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chandrashekar nayak
by chandrashekar nayak (View MyPage) on Nov 13, 2018 11:10 AM  | Hide replies

It is disgusting to see our courts, activists, media and so called intellectuals come in open support of homosexuality. It is very unnatural and perverse sexual orientation which even animals do not practice. It is disgusting to see men and women (??) celebrating SC order decriminalizing homosexuality. They have no shame on their face. Really sickening. The very look of those LGBT community makes me feel sick.

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Nalin Kishore
It seems someone has got behind the author ....
by Nalin Kishore (View MyPage) on Nov 12, 2018 05:50 PM  | Hide replies

... sooner or later those who accept this nonsense will realise their mistake ....

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Subroto Neogi
Re: It seems someone has got behind the author ....
by Subroto Neogi (View MyPage) on Nov 15, 2018 10:01 AM
She/He is just trying to capitalise on the general hysteria.

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Let's admit it, there's something unacceptable about homosexualit
by MUTHUKRISHNAN RAMESH (View MyPage) on Nov 02, 2018 01:36 PM

True - statement of facts...

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Manabendra Pathak
Strange of Change
by Manabendra Pathak (View MyPage) on Oct 20, 2018 10:18 AM

Law was defined to prevent unlawful things in the society. But now says, society have been changed. Change of what? Nobody is able to replace Vyasa, Valmiki or Homar. No Veda, Upanishad, Mahabharata, Ramayana or Gita are written to inspire the humanity or keep the society in order. No equivalent to Einstein or Newton. But we have been changing. Now law is made unlawful to be lawful so that changing process continues.

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p devaahayam
gay @Lesbianism
by p devaahayam (View MyPage) on Oct 08, 2018 09:32 PM  | Hide replies

Sir the court i believe, has given the verdict in haste What made the juries to neglect the interest of the majority of Indians. It is the duty of the juries to uphold the healthy society and discipline and tradition of India. Just because some few persons enjoy narcotics or violence and want to legalize it, will the court declare it to be individual right? Why then for homo sexual they have yielded to the pressure may be some influence from the Rainbow organisations, who knows what sort of influence was it . I think it is a matter to be investigated and the judgement must be reconsidered And what was the necessity to release the judgement in a urgency before the chief justice retirement, it could have been waited for a public interest and now the whole Indian society is affected by the judgement as it would polarize and tempt the young and juvenile Indian society and urge them to have unnatural sex or at least would tempt them to try such evil. I would like to put a question to the person who issued the judgement , If his son. daughter . grand son or grand daughter indulge in homo sexual or lesbian acts will he be pleased to it will he not try to advise them to keep away or give up such unnatural practice of love. Then what made him to declare such a judgement not considering thew majority of Indians society as his own country men and not looking into their interest? I am sorry sir i feel deeply hurt by the inordinate judgement.

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Subroto Neogi
Re: gay @Lesbianism
by Subroto Neogi (View MyPage) on Nov 15, 2018 10:06 AM
Pray how is the 'majority' being disturbed here? As long as the gays mind their own business, why should it be a problem?

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Jai Ho
by Jai Ho (View MyPage) on Sep 16, 2018 01:13 PM

The foundation of the article is stereotype is fine and the norm since time immemorial. And, anything that breaks this mold is not how things are meant to be. The author has, by design or by error, has missed the point that the SC verdict on Article 377 was meant to break a stereotype. Strange that someone who would like us to believe s/he is a thinking person should have missed, or, chosen to miss, the obvious.

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Sunil Kumar
by Sunil Kumar (View MyPage) on Sep 15, 2018 08:16 PM  | Hide replies

Now after the court verdict even MEN are not safe !!! Oh, G@d, what days are we in.

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