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The Indian who challenged Einstein

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yatin parate
Ishwar aap ki aatmaa ko shanti de !!
by yatin parate on Jun 05, 2018 04:20 PM

Ishwar aap ki aatmaa ko shanti de !!
May God bless you and Rest in Peace !!

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by MISSIONARY on May 25, 2018 11:04 AM  | Hide replies


1. British unified over 550 princely states into a single entity, Indian freedom leaders let India divide into Pak and India.
2. They ended Moslem domination in India and liberated Hinddus from 1200-year long subjugation that eventually led to the rise of Hinddu intellectual class who could eventually fight for the freedom of India.
3. British built excellent dams, bridges, railways, roads, etc which unheard in the rest of Asia (during 19th century).
4. British opened many universities and colleges in India, which helped Hinddus to rise as an intellectual class.
5. British-introduced English helped India to become a tech-superpower in the world today.
6. British rule considerably weakened the barbaric caste-system and superstitions, even though remnants of the system remain.
7. Due to better medical services, death rate dropped and life-span increased.
8. Railways, postal services, modern education, English medicine, etc rapidly improved the standards and quality of life.
9. British rule gave an equitable justice system whereas before that only village landlords decide in favor of few elite.
10. British rule altogether gave a new direction to Indians who were mired in ignorance, superstitions, caste-barbarity and opened an era of modern civilization in India.
11. Indians live in delusion that India very prosperous before the British. Before the British, 95% Indians were living pathetic conditions.

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janga sridhar
by janga sridhar on May 25, 2018 08:15 PM
perfect example missionary morons? continue to dish your nonsense. but no takers for your propaganda anymore.

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Suryanarayana V. S.
May this great soul rest in peace
by Suryanarayana V. S. on May 16, 2018 01:33 PM

Prof. E C G Sudarsan should have been given Nobel prize for at least two different fields. One is for Sudarsan-Glauber representations, the other is for his famous V-A theory to explain weak interactions.
I consider V-A left handed currents theory as most fundamental contributions in Physics. Shortly after his proposition, others followed with Gauge group models for electro-weak unification and got Nobel prize. They should have included him for Nobel Prize along with the three who got.
May be god will shower on him all the best for next life along with compounded interest to make up for this injustice in this life.
I am his great admirer.

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True Voice
Education system in India
by True Voice on May 15, 2018 08:01 PM  | Hide replies

Education system in India is the most horrible one. Everything target towards nothing but placement, placement and placement. It is so unfortunate that premier institutions also talk only about placements and highest salary they got. None of the foreign universities use the word placement in their official documents or website. End Result: Indians still work as slaves - sometimes as highly paid slaves of foreigners. Even in China they do somuch on product innovation whereas we are contented to be the consumer only

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Soumitra Goswami
Re: Education system in India
by Soumitra Goswami on May 16, 2018 09:35 AM
Charity cannot take place when hungry. Unfortunate we have too hungry groups who are hungry to grab others opportunity to have unrestrained pleasure in land of apluents and another struggling every day in the road. We middle calls are somehow managing in between with grace of political lords- only with one rhythm 'be happy- don't worry' ( pictured by another hungry man 'Amitabh Bachhan'.

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susarla suryaprakasam
The Indian who challenged Einstein
by susarla suryaprakasam on May 15, 2018 05:02 PM

Though many prominent Indians do have a desire to come back and settle in their native places / states, the living becomes miserable over a period of time and they once again go back, as the values are so degraded here in India, so also the research with bogus / valueless Ph.Ds and poorly maintained universities ans labs. May his soul which moves faster than light inspire / enter a new being to instill new ideas / thoughts on universes (many)and non-body travels.

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