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Child mortality in rural India is alarming

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Why is the write hesitating so much
by piri (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 01:11 PM

to say Child mortality in rural North India is alarming ?

Why is he hiding this obvious fact by replacing *rural North India* with *rural India* ?

Why is he so nervous about admitting that North India is one of the most backward regions in the entire world ?

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Cut Pay to GovtMaadharChodhs (GMCs), Divert Money for Development
by NEO HITLER (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 12:51 PM

Cut Pay to GovtMaadharChodhs (GMCs), Divert Money for Development

Nowadays many GovtMaadharChodhs (aka GMCs or Gov employees) get pensions over 30K / pm, a gov peon or junior asst gets salary Rs 35K / pm, gov teacher 50k, lecturer Rs 1.5 lak, professor Rs 2 lak, etc.

Govt is collecting taxes, through GST, Income Tax, etc from the 97% hardworking people in the pvt sector to pay exorbitant salaries to 3% GMCs.

I appreciate Modi's initiatives on many fronts, but what all these tax collections are for… to pay salaries to GMCs, 90% of whom are good-for-nothing fellows?

In pvt companies, only top 3% could be corrupt, but 97% employees have to work hard. In govt companies 90% are corrupt and / or laggard fellows.

GMC laggards seldom work, but work very hard when there is scope for corruption. GMCs spend 80% time eating paan & spitting on walls, talking SexPoliticsAndNonsense, playing cards for 2 hrs when lunch time is 1 hr, etc

GMCs eating up 10% GDP / yr are burden on economy. Only defense people deserve good salaries and salaries of all GMCs must be reduced to market-average levels. Stop GMCs’ salary revisions in future and divert the money thus saved for improving primary education, paying family planning incentives, paying poor farmers who are often driven to commit suicide & spreading English language among poor. PAYING HIGH SALARIES TO GMCs KILLS PATRIOTIC SPIRIT AMONG COMMON HARDWORKING POPULACE.

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This is the reason why people lost interest in media
by auryas (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 11:17 AM  | Hide replies

This is the reason why society lost trust in media. Exaggeration, bombastic language and out of context cr$p.

The issue of Rural Infant death needs to be addressed like the population growth. It does not paint a good picture on our medicare system.

But fact of the matter is , web sites like this , with predisposed prejudices have a single point agenda to paint the government in bad picture in every which aspect of the country.

Sh^t churning web sites first needs to reform themselves and their CR%P HOLES of LABS, and make unbiased, genuine news available to people before they resort to accusing the government.

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suresh kumar
Re: This is the reason why people lost interest in media
by suresh kumar (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 08:04 PM
Rediff has not done any research. it is the study report published by WHO..
If your party's face is distorted on this front, dont scold the media.treat thou self!

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Masters of exaggeration
by auryas (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 11:13 AM  | Hide replies

While it is sad that infants still die in rural areas, the media resorts to usual HYPER.

STUNNING, ALARMING , SHOCKING and SH^T for every thing.

The infant mortality needs to be addressed for sure. But it will take time.

It is not some sh^t churning web site which is going to do it in it's LABS. It is hard work. It needs resources, commitment and TIME.

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suresh kumar
Re: Masters of exaggeration
by suresh kumar (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 07:47 PM
dont think all Indians are fools to believe that there is no resources to save our children. Centre spends crores to erect statues. plans to spend multi crores for a bullet train project. The situation is bad even in comparison with poorest African nations.

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V Nagarajan
Rural medicine?
by V Nagarajan (View MyPage) on Mar 02, 2018 10:36 AM  | Hide replies

We need a course of study in Rural medicine.It can be called B Sc RHSc,a 3 1 yr degree course after 10th.They can be posted in rural areas as preventive & detective health workers,with an Ambulance at their disposal and driving licence.Primarily we need 4 things in Rural areas?1)Food and nutrition, 2)Sanitation & hygiene. 3)Preventive medicine. 4)Primary health care centers.Since Doctors are unwilling to go to Villages,we may need this arrangement.They can be given a starting salary of 20K incentives progress.

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Re: Rural medicine?
by piri (View MyPage) on Mar 02, 2018 12:38 PM

Ok. So, for funds, run to Narendra Modi !

Actually, he has other ideas that are not related to health !

And, for executing such ideas that have nothing to do with health, he has been progressively reducing the budget allocations as a proportion of GDP year after year for the last 4 years !

And, to divert the attention of the gullible masses from his act of reducing the already threadbare budget for health, he has been launching fancy named schemes (Swasthya yo....., manga...yo..., thenga... yo..., etc.) and the so called ^worlds biggest health insurance* (with just Rs. 2000 crores taken out from the allocation for public health) !

Run to him and tell him to stop fooling commoners, especially north Indian ones who are easily fooled !

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Gujarat, M.P,
by piri (View MyPage) on Nov 23, 2017 07:26 PM  | Hide replies

Rajasthan, Haryana arr all *dhevvullupppdd* stats ! Kerla is not *dhevvulluppdd* !

Eet iz Somallia !

Kerla sud tekk up morr eenddusstrriall prrojjuktts and enkurrej morr kombootterr kompnies tu oppun !

Narendra Modi made these noises during the opening ceremony of the Kochi metro a few months back and during his high decibel election campaign braying visit in 2016 !

The poor dunce imagined that common keralites are as stuxpid as common Gujaratis and so would swallow whatever that fell out of his bellowing mouth !

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Re: Gujarat, M.P,
by Viji (View MyPage) on Nov 25, 2017 02:59 PM
Statistics of 2015 being shown in 2018 beginning..

Policies and political lethargies till mid of 2014 is the SINGLE reason for this dismal statistics.

And YES. Keralites are infinitely more stuxpid than the average Indian and it reflects in the fact that Kerala cant offer it's own citizens a decent employment (the main reason that Keralites are forced to live in other states / abroad by the hordes.

In comparison, Gujaratis control a lion's share of the businesses in Gujarat & across the nation and you will find only a small percentage of the population residing in Kerala (unlike the other way round.. and I am a Malayalee too, settled in Gujarat).

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dinesh kumar
Re: Re: Gujarat, M.P,
by dinesh kumar (View MyPage) on Mar 02, 2018 01:55 PM
most of the peole who loot our motherland seems to be from GujaratProblems with VALUES.

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suresh kumar
Re: Re: Gujarat, M.P,
by suresh kumar (View MyPage) on Mar 18, 2018 07:55 PM
even if u conduct a study today in gujarat, status of IMR there in comparison with Kerala will be same. see the latest social indices.. Gujjus are way behind.

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Re: Re: Gujarat, M.P,
by piri (View MyPage) on Nov 26, 2017 12:49 PM

Peabrain laughing out of ignorance !

If Keralites are stupxid to work in white collar jobs in the GCC countries and in other parts of the world as well as in other Indian states, then how horrendously stupxid would those 28 lakh north Indians who work in blue collar jobs in Kerala (building houses for the Keralites working in the GCC, among other jobs) be !!

And.....how stunned would you be if you were to come to Kochi and find thousands of Gujaratis working in Mattancherry and Broadway and in many industrial units in nearby Perumbavoor as shop assistants, office assistants, etc. !!

Morons jump into debates with little idea about what is being talked about. You are certainly one of them !

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Sandeep Singh
incomplete data
by Sandeep Singh (View MyPage) on Nov 23, 2017 03:18 PM

there is no data for female child mortality rate
there is no data for rural child mortality rate
there is no data for reasons of child mortality
there is no data on health of mothers of dead children
Without all these figures, it would not be possible to reach a pragmatic conclusion

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VK Aggarwal
Child mortality
by VK Aggarwal (View MyPage) on Oct 14, 2017 09:27 PM

Increase in death rate of children in rural areas raises various basic issues regarding our expenditure style.Rural development is of utmost importance and substantial increase in allocations is in rural areas but instead of improving health child death is increasing which means maternity services are not improving but deteriorating. Diversion of funds is increasing in several areas and capital expenditure is causing considerable problems as the persons involved find it easy to divert capital costs and revenue expenditure is reducing. Thus assets created are not utilised appropriately and some are diverted. Without revenue expense, improvement can't take place, early we realise, better it is before we reach a stage where alarming situation like Gorakhpur and Chhatisgarh takes place needing multiple inquiries for name sake without any concrete results.

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Reason for Increase in
by SANDEEP PATHAK (View MyPage) on Oct 14, 2017 07:21 PM  | Hide replies

Can we find out what is the reason for Child mortality in rural India is alarming.
Rather than going into the statistics if we will find out the reason for the alarming situation will be more help full for infants.
Considering one of the reason lack of blood required to infants in rural area.
For this WE AT ROTARY SOUTH JABALOUR has taken up the project for collection of blood min 90 to 100 units per month in calibration with Govt Hospital at Jabalpur, this process will continue and hope to provide blood to the infants coming from rural areas and bring down the martilaty rate.

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suresh kumar
Re: Reason for Increase in
by suresh kumar (View MyPage) on Oct 15, 2017 12:28 PM
why it is not required to go for statistics? It is a common knowledge that things which are not monitored are not improved, and things which are not measured are not monitored. And things which you can't put in terms of numbers, you don't know much about it. so measure it, improve it. This statistics shows that Kerala is the bench mark in IMR. Basic quality drivers in Kerala are female literacy, exemplary health care support in rural areas, and good road connectivity. It was foolish for UP CM to tell Kerala CM to learn public healthcare system from UP.

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sunil vaidya
by sunil vaidya (View MyPage) on Oct 13, 2017 02:23 PM

and the madman who rules our country wanted to capture kerala...where the child mortality rate is lowest...

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