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Child mortality in rural India is alarming

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VK Aggarwal
Child mortality
by VK Aggarwal (View MyPage) on Oct 14, 2017 09:27 PM

Increase in death rate of children in rural areas raises various basic issues regarding our expenditure style.Rural development is of utmost importance and substantial increase in allocations is in rural areas but instead of improving health child death is increasing which means maternity services are not improving but deteriorating. Diversion of funds is increasing in several areas and capital expenditure is causing considerable problems as the persons involved find it easy to divert capital costs and revenue expenditure is reducing. Thus assets created are not utilised appropriately and some are diverted. Without revenue expense, improvement can't take place, early we realise, better it is before we reach a stage where alarming situation like Gorakhpur and Chhatisgarh takes place needing multiple inquiries for name sake without any concrete results.

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Reason for Increase in
by SANDEEP PATHAK (View MyPage) on Oct 14, 2017 07:21 PM  | Hide replies

Can we find out what is the reason for Child mortality in rural India is alarming.
Rather than going into the statistics if we will find out the reason for the alarming situation will be more help full for infants.
Considering one of the reason lack of blood required to infants in rural area.
For this WE AT ROTARY SOUTH JABALOUR has taken up the project for collection of blood min 90 to 100 units per month in calibration with Govt Hospital at Jabalpur, this process will continue and hope to provide blood to the infants coming from rural areas and bring down the martilaty rate.

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suresh kumar
Re: Reason for Increase in
by suresh kumar (View MyPage) on Oct 15, 2017 12:28 PM
why it is not required to go for statistics? It is a common knowledge that things which are not monitored are not improved, and things which are not measured are not monitored. And things which you can't put in terms of numbers, you don't know much about it. so measure it, improve it. This statistics shows that Kerala is the bench mark in IMR. Basic quality drivers in Kerala are female literacy, exemplary health care support in rural areas, and good road connectivity. It was foolish for UP CM to tell Kerala CM to learn public healthcare system from UP.

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sunil vaidya
by sunil vaidya (View MyPage) on Oct 13, 2017 02:23 PM

and the madman who rules our country wanted to capture kerala...where the child mortality rate is lowest...

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oGvtMaadharChodhs not satisfied with 7th Pay Commn, want 20% mor
by NEO HITLER (View MyPage) on Oct 12, 2017 12:48 PM

GovtMaadharChodhs not satisfied with 7th Pay Commn, what 20% more

Nowadays a peon or junior asst in gov gets Rs 30,000, a gov lecturer gets Rs 1.5lak, a teacher 50K. Modi gov claims they are collecting a lot of taxes nowadays thru GST, income tax, etc. What all these collections for? To pay salaries to GovtMaadharChodhs who are good-for-nothing fellows?

I appreciate, Modi's initiatives on several fronts, but he is unable check the salaries of GovtMaadharChodhs.

Gov officials are laggards who do little work, they work hard only when there is scope for corruption, otherwise they eat paan and spit on the walls, play cards for 2 hrs when lunch time is only 1 hr, talk nonsense for hours, and so on.

Only defense people should be paid high salaries, and salaries of all the GovtMaadharChodhs should be reduced.

Govt is collecting taxes from the 97% hardworking people in the pvt sector, to pay exorbitantly high salaries to 3% GovtMaadharChodhs.

In pvt companies, corruption is only at the top, 97% employees have to work hard, but in govt companies 99% are corrupt and / or laggard fellows.

Govt should stop revising the salaries of the GovtMaadharChodhs in future and divert that excess money for improving primary education, family planning incentives, and spreading English language among poor. Gov criminals should be paid only market average salaries.

In villages poor farmer are committing suicides. They need training how to manage finances, family planning, English education, et

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Gujarat, M.P,
by piri (View MyPage) on Sep 20, 2017 11:28 PM

Rajasthan, Haryana arr all *dhevvullupppdd* stats !

Kerla (o.k, sometimes Keral) is not *dhevvulluppdd* !

Eet iz Somallia !

Kerla sud tekk up morr eenddusstrriall prrojjuktts and enkurrej morr kombootterr kompnies tu oppun !

Narendra Modi made these noises during the opening ceremony of the Kochi metro a couple of months back and during his high decibel election campaign braying visit in 2016 !

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R  ponnabalam
Growing inequality in India
by R ponnabalam (View MyPage) on Sep 19, 2017 07:41 PM

From this level of State care how students of Rural India can get importunity to equip themselves as competently as the students of Rich Households to compete in IFS IAS or to seek admission in JNU,I.I.Sc.I.I.Ts. Scrap NEET examination

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Suresh Babu
Where is Modi's development in Gujarat
by Suresh Babu (View MyPage) on Sep 19, 2017 03:38 PM

From this report itself says that there is no development in Modi's Gujarat . In fact you can see a sea of third grade industries where there is no standard wage/salary is paid to their employees.

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