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India slips 21 places in Global Gender Gap Index 2017

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VK Aggarwal
Gender gap
by VK Aggarwal (View MyPage) on Nov 15, 2017 08:29 PM

There is need of substantial efforts to be made towards this aspect. it is a serious matter that we are on negative side instead of improving the ranking. There are several countries that have improved in competition and we lagged in efforts. There may be increase in level of standards by other countries which reduced us. Thus we require great efforts to catch the momentum for increasing our rank by reducing rank number.We need to increase training institutions for several fields to cover up for ranking and level of service delivery. Municipalities, banking, leaders, administrators, teachers, construction & its administration etc. all this require a big force to carry out the needed. This has tacit approval of PM right from the time he
assumed high office in Delhi. A cadre of all round clerks to handle a variety of assignment to do away the need to engage teachers, bank officials, municipal clerks to do important jobs of census, up dating of voter lists, data collection for various purposes, election duties,and like that a number of jobs arising from time to time and in spare time can be engaged in training of different groups. They can be also engaged for monitoring a number of schemes and also meeting seasonal requirements of different departments.
This new cadre can have a higher ration of women employees.

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Ahi Sen
The difference between profess and practice is revealed.
by Ahi Sen (View MyPage) on Nov 13, 2017 04:43 PM

The hollow talks of the PM without preparation and professional implementation is glaring in many fields. He remained Pracharak only and could not become Karma yogi. The country is passing through a bad patch.However, the next Gujarat election may show the way of correction.

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pk kh
Re: hi
by pk kh (View MyPage) on Nov 10, 2017 09:12 AM
There is so called Minority with the biggest population always mistreat women...They have been only given one Job--Breed and Nurture them.Gulam to Their males.

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Re: hi
by (View MyPage) on Nov 13, 2017 12:54 PM
one peace loving & broad minded religion is responsible for this. they treated their women like Salves and using as a birth giving Machine.

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