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Sunil Dabadghao
self-flagellation is being liberal
by Sunil Dabadghao (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 08:34 AM  | Hide replies

In India anyone who is against HIndu traditions and Culture thinks himself/herslf as a liberal

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MS Vasan
Re: self-flagellation is being liberal
by MS Vasan (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 12:59 PM
Anyone who abuses patriots...
Anyone who comunalises in the name of secularism...
Anyone who abuses traditions of India like yoga, ayush, etc..

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R Chakravarti
2 nation theory
by R Chakravarti (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 06:15 PM

Pakistanis feel that it is correct in the light of recent events in India.

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Venkatesh Babu
What a complex human mind and thoughts ha
by Venkatesh Babu (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 05:45 PM

Have you ever wondered why Humans need this complex mindset and thinking? Do you think Nature has made a mistake by evolving life to the so called Most Intelligent species - "Human"? What do you think is the solution?

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arungopal agarwal
by arungopal agarwal (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 01:16 PM  | Hide replies

Confusion and illusion of double speaking from Mullahs is to be erased first on triple talaq, Jihad and Kafir. This has created dis-trust among masses and common man does not understand whether Mullahs are supporting it or rejecting it.
Of course all confusion from Hindu traditions are also to be erased.

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