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The Half Truth

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sansar niranjna
compulsive commentators
by sansar niranjna (View MyPage) on May 21, 2017 08:43 AM

OA and his ilk want power at any cost and they can dish out half-truths as full story by telling what their cronies would like to hear.

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The half truth and politicians
by (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 10:59 AM

For the politicians, power is much more important than their country. They never send their own children to the turmoil and urge others to rush to the turmoil and sacrifice life to promote the leader's power of creating unrest. It would be clear if you look at the life of children of self proclaimed leaders like Geelani, Mirwaiz even Abdulla etc. Are their children stone pelters? No, but the leaders regularly lionising the stone pelters and provoking them. Any where in the world stone pelting to the armed forces is considered as fundamental right of the citizen. But we are treating them with velvet gloves why????

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Truly Indian
Thanks Uttamji
by Truly Indian (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 09:31 AM

"In this age of fake news, post-truth and half-truth"

At least a senior journalist like Mr Ghosh has the guts that its an fake news period.

Way to go.

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Indu Krishnamuthy
This story is a farce. Nonsensical
by Indu Krishnamuthy (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 05:16 PM  | Hide replies

I just don't understand what the writer is saying. When the CRPF jawans get kicked and heckled they need to keep quiet just to avert a major problem. Why don't people understand the CRPF japans also have human rights. Ms. Veenu understand our restraint is what is emboldening them. More stone pelters should be tied like this and if the situation turns worse they should be put in India's remote places where the culture, language everything is different.

People who cannot defend their own country and write articles like these should be put behind bars.

They anyway will not understand INDIA

My email ID is indu1610@rediffmail,com

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Re: This story is a farce. Nonsensical
by R.S.Pandey (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 05:43 PM
Dear Indu,
Please understand. Our country is full of intellectuals. As per them, armed forces are paid to die.

I appeal all these intellectuals to send their sons to armed forces, only for a year. After that we will see their reactions.

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shashikumar ramadugu
the half truth
by shashikumar ramadugu (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 01:37 PM  | Hide replies

this article has no value
if you cannot trust your army stay home to feel safe or leave this country
or stop writing such non sense articles

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subhash kumar
Re: the half truth
by subhash kumar (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 02:59 PM
I'm 100% agree with you, Salute to our Brave Soldiers. Jai Bharat Jai Hind

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Sunil Kelkar
Re: the half truth
by Sunil Kelkar (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 03:24 PM
@Shashikumar Ramadugu,
You probably have not been able to capture the essence of this article. It doesn't make out any case against the army. In fact it Lambasts Omar Abdullah the ex-CM of kashmir for his irresponsible tweets.

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Re: Re: the half truth
by shaketh (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 04:36 PM
Kashmiri's have proven to be double dealing, when you want to prove your mettle with the gun but you cant do it with a powerful army the next thing to do is to cry human rights violation. Where was human rights when thousands of pandits were killed and worse things were done to the women. Where is human rights when you kill a young army officer going for a marriage. Your own neighbor you are ready to kill for political needs. You trust these people to govern after independence. Islam propagates a totalitarian regime not democracy. Think about all these before you send young school going children to throw stones at a professional army. Shame on you terrorists and their supporters.

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lakshmana murthy
Re: Re: the half truth
by lakshmana murthy (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 12:23 PM
Mr. Sunil Kelkar... you seem to be the only person who read the complete article and understood what it said. Till I read your comment I was wondering if, like the author says, I was seeing only a part of the picture. But I guess there are still a few intelligent people who read the complete article.

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Thomas Philip
Re: the half truth
by Thomas Philip (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 05:02 PM
You have missed the essence- the young Major who resorted to this measure averted bloodshed.

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