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Fortis Hospital offered money to end protest: Dad of girl who died of dengue

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chanakya maurya
Fortis just a tip of an enormous iceberg.
by chanakya maurya (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 01:02 PM

Medicare centers as well as health insurance industry is rapidly and steadily becoming a fortress of highly skilled, sophisticated, and
very systematic mafiaism often with political shelters.

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satya saka
by satya saka (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 12:36 PM

a corporate hospital is put to shame because of a death of a patient and a high charged bill amount.
The damage a case can cost is immeasurable. being honest about the disease is tough,
Patients mind set is one of the most complicated ones, what they see as the problem is not what the doctor sees. what the patient sees as the problem is not what the doctor sees.
Paying for ones health is tough but paying for ones luxury is OK,
while health is to be free, luxury is not,
though individuals take enough steps to make themselves comfortable, the steps taken for healthy living is not.

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mihir mehta
by mihir mehta (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 11:53 AM  | Hide replies

not father ,not brother .biggest is rupia is the logic of some corrupt ppl.
a normal guy goes through pain in his medical condition and some corrupt ppl make it an opportunity to make money out of it. someone has rightly said humans r the most dangerous animals on the planet and these animals have only dirt called money running in their minds.

Recently a new born alive baby was declared dead by these ppl.imagine the pain of the parents .these corrupt ppl r the biggest thugs and thug ppl in the name of profession.professional thugs r there everywhere.

just bill and loot ppl lakhs of rupees even if ppl r dying ,the entire family is in grief.but these ppl behave like shmlessly arrogant in human animals.now they offer lakhs of rupees to hide their sins ,crime

just like the film gabbar, someone should throw these shmless arrogant animals running after money
into garbage.bsce it is garbage where these money minded animals belong to.and their profession is well respected.thats how they become rich .just think abt money turn blind to everything else.human blood ,emotions have become as thin as water for some mean ,selfish animals.

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mihir mehta
Re: loot
by mihir mehta (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 11:56 AM
it seems if ppl r given option to goto jail or hospital. ppl would prefer going to jail.bsce in jail u dont have mean ,selfish animals who loot u of lakhs of rupees.

u might have to pay for unwanted tests ,medicines, room rent as if u r visiting a 5 star hotel and other unnecessary expenses.oh u have a disease ,accident ?;come here and get looted.seems u might even have to sell ur home and go and settle in some village bsce a PATIENT is just a BODY
a person pain is others gain.loot him and make him a beggar.

do u have health insurance ? GOOD else get looted by mean ,selfish animals

today ppl can wish that they or their family members never have any big disease bsce there r very respected professional thugs out there waiting to loot u of lakhs in case of diseases or an accident.

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mihir mehta
Re: loot
by mihir mehta (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 11:59 AM
Today there is loot everywhere.right frm education.compulsory education for 15 yrs. graduation,post-grad.else u dont get proper job.ppl who cannot afford 20 yrs of education bills should suffer in ordinary jobs and face down attitude from others for doing small jobs ,small salary. as if giving birth to a child is some crime.get looted

in weddings ppl have high expectations.big expenses right frm engagement, start losing unlimited funds and drooling relatives, friends will tell u. now u should do this do that.listen to everyone like a fool. ppl who can afford fine.even ones who cannot afford want to get looted.
is this society of humans or animals ?

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Please check the message
by human (View MyPage) on Dec 07, 2017 11:27 AM

please check my earlier message i dont think it has some bad words..

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