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The 10 year old who saved the lives of 850 passengers

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by (View MyPage) on Dec 05, 2015 10:33 AM


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Bskr T
Dear CM
by Bskr T (View MyPage) on Nov 27, 2015 09:47 AM

Not just bravey awards, please award some thing useful so that the boy can pursue his education and support his family.

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by kapil (View MyPage) on Nov 26, 2015 11:36 AM

thampee, romba thanks appa... one day i will come to your place with a big gift. thanks.

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Lakshmanan Kalimedukaliannagoun
Bravary in schools
by Lakshmanan Kalimedukaliannagoun (View MyPage) on Nov 24, 2015 08:51 PM

Manjunath bravery and presence of mind be highlighted in all schools

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VenkateswaraRao K
10 year old who saved---
by VenkateswaraRao K (View MyPage) on Nov 23, 2015 04:58 AM

the Boy and Drivver sgould be rewarded monetarily
for the timely act

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Prathap p
This should be taught in the school book
by Prathap p (View MyPage) on Nov 22, 2015 10:49 PM

Such acts of courage to be brought out in the school books.

Hats off to you dear Siddesh.

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Himanshu Behera
memorable work.
by Himanshu Behera (View MyPage) on Nov 22, 2015 03:14 PM  | Hide replies

Manjunath take a better action on right time.He encourage to others .

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J Arora
Re: memorable work.
by J Arora (View MyPage) on Nov 22, 2015 09:22 PM
our children are better than the elder railway employees and the man who took bribe to create the gap on the tracks so the government could be blamed after the accident.

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DrGeorge Thoduka
the boy who save the train from mishap
by DrGeorge Thoduka (View MyPage) on Nov 22, 2015 12:51 PM

Manjunath should be rewarded by the Govt, or by the public to finance his studies to reach his goal in life. The government should give him a scholarship top cover his education and also provide him a job once he completes his education.

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Vigilant valour
by NS RAJAGOPALAN (View MyPage) on Nov 21, 2015 08:27 PM

Excellent to read this topic. All kudos to Siddhish, 10 yr old child who stpped train and saved about 850 passengers. Selfless,admirable silent service. Wish him all good luck to have good education and to have a bright future.

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keep it up.......
by ashok (View MyPage) on Nov 19, 2015 03:08 PM

aag ka Hero.....

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