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The intriguing case of India's NGOs

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Field Shows where works are Govt and funds are NGOs
by on Jun 20, 2014 12:06 PM  | Hide replies

In addition to NGOs, there are also section 25 companies. Add to these social enterprises which do social business that do not make any business sense either social or commercial business. An example here based on some serious apprehension and may not be able to substantiate with hard evidence. This example is of an NGO which received foreign funds for water / sanitation facilities for poor slum dwellers in Hyderabad city. The photogrpahs presented clearly indicate the draiange works and pipeline works undertaken by MCH and HMWSSB and the funder must have been so impressed and taken it as proof of spending the money given to the NGO. The NGO may have also shown the toilets constructed under Total Sanitation campaign project of GoI as their work. This project funding received by the NGO could be in the range of Rs.40 to 55 lakhs. Now who is at fault NGO or the Foreign Funder (Philanthropic dollars) who can easily be hoodwinked showing some photographs of Govt/Municipal works, followed by field visits when the foreigners came to such work in progress sites. The Govt employees/contractors' workmen doing the work can be easily manipulated or even be included showing of the Foreigners on field and people easily get overwhemed without even asking single question the purpose of field show to foreigners.

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sanjeev singla
Re: Field Shows where works are Govt and funds are NGOs
by sanjeev singla on Jun 21, 2014 03:16 PM
Foreigner could be expected to give funds apprently for good works ...knowing well that it will be used as graft for raising troubles selectively in many states and for many political parties to put brakes on develop ment works

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