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KCR demands formation of Telangana

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RA Govardhan
KCR and laloo
by RA Govardhan (View MyPage) on Jan 13, 2011 11:18 PM

KCR learned to cash-in on the emotions of telangana issue. His language sounds similar to laloo in Bihar. He may do the same to Telangana. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He has made it a 'Pesha' to resign and get re elected. Is he trust worthy? What public good has he done so far? All my lovely Telangana people watch this 'witty politician' in future.

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Ram Setu
Everyone involved in T-Movement would regret one day...
by Ram Setu (View MyPage) on Jan 06, 2011 08:34 PM

TRS and Telangana leaders are taking advantage of immature minds of students and spoiling them to make their own good. Students beware, you are lost, be it Telangana or No Telangana....

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by BV SUBRAHMANYAM (View MyPage) on Dec 30, 2010 05:41 PM

I Know that you dont want Separate State. If Telagana is separated you cant sell Assembly and Parliament tickets. Elections and Bi-elections are your pets. Already u made lot of money by selling Assembly Tickets. It is a Golden Duck for you.

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ratnajayant gudavally
Telangana for Telanganites.......not money/land making
by ratnajayant gudavally (View MyPage) on Aug 08, 2010 04:49 PM  | Hide replies

All Telanganites and reasonable people with out commercial gains in Telangana want Telangana......not just KCR.

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rajesh kota
9 December 2009
by rajesh kota (View MyPage) on Aug 05, 2010 04:00 PM

After 9th december 2009 people of telangana came to know that KCR and TRS party is the only option in future for formation of telangana. Whenever party's enter into election in telengana they say that we are support to separate telanagana but after 9 december people of telangana came to know that TRS is the real supportive for separate telananga and fighter in assembly against exploitation in telangana.Ater this great movement, exploitation of telangana will increase rapidly by other party's in assembly if telangana is not formed immediately. My appeal to telangana people to support KCR and TRS party till telangana is form.

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ratnajayant gudavally
by ratnajayant gudavally (View MyPage) on Aug 05, 2010 01:15 PM

you can not force yourself on others who want to be liberated!

Who can deny or say no ?

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Congress and TDP
by MHSatyanarayana (View MyPage) on Jul 31, 2010 02:13 PM

Congress and TDP will never agree for telengana formation as it is clear now only TRS and KCR will win all upcoming elections in telengana if telengana forms for the decades to come . These cong and TDP will prefer to lose some seats instead of whole AP. This elections and results there of spoils the formation of telengana state

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Police Officer
by Police Officer (View MyPage) on Jul 31, 2010 01:45 PM

Share of industries, assets, liabilities, private and govt investments, returns, grants, govt funds, river waters, electricity, private and govt jobs, natural resources, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, govt taxes, loans, govt grants etc of 10 million ppl since 1953 must be decided before AP is divided.

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sathyam guda
KCR demands immediate formation of Telangana
by sathyam guda (View MyPage) on Jul 31, 2010 12:25 PM

Indian citizens in general, AP citizens in particular must use their brains and not their foot. KCR and Telangana movement is not something but a fact irrespective of winning elections or not winning. Ask any congress leader in general and congress leaders of Telanagana in particular why congress high command is not ready for introducing a bill in parliament, the prompt mad reply is Madam Sonia is Leader of the country, is to look into the national scenario and not local scenario and can not just like that take decision to introduce telangana bill in parliament. Vidarbha/Gorkha land etc demands were there even before Madam Sonia came to India. Why the hell Congress joined hands with TRS in 2004 elections? Issues like telangana/vidarbha/Gorkahland are not simple issues. They need wisdom, political acumen, great state’smanship, political stature etc. Just by residing in PMs Bungalow for decades OR by sacrificing lives (Rajiv/Indira etc have sacrificed their lives) one can not get the capability to rule a country. But in India, if some one resides in PM Bungalow, he can straight away become PM. Great. This story is because, any person, even with 2nd class education knows that Vidarbha/Gorkha land/Telangana kind of issues were there and they can not be used as issues to get power (Congress was hungry for power at Centre and with out MPS from AP it can not get PM’s Chair) as they can reach gigantic proportions and would end in burning states in no time

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