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An urgent plan to deal with Maoists

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Prerak Patel
Limited Air power is must
by Prerak Patel (View MyPage) on Aug 29, 2010 10:12 PM

If we have to deal with Maiost then we need to use the limited Air power like Helicopter Gunship.

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chiranjiv Kukreja
States of different political parties a problem
by chiranjiv Kukreja (View MyPage) on Apr 12, 2010 06:40 AM

The urgent plan to deal with Maoists is well thought out plan,no doubt.But the problem is, states being responsible for law and order and administration remains. The involved states have different opinions and are of different political parties and with that a coordinated effort with centre taking the lead is becoming difficult and hence taking on the Maoists.In my opinion, this should be declared a national problem and cente has to launch an attack with the active support of states security personnel.

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Take advice of US.
by mumbai (View MyPage) on Apr 10, 2010 01:26 PM

After 9/11 there is no single terrorist attack in US. Discuss with george bush and get his advice to handle these type of attacks.

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ajay kumar
One Question
by ajay kumar (View MyPage) on Apr 10, 2010 11:21 AM  | Hide replies

Ever wondered, why these Naxal/Mao guys are concentrated in mining zone of the country. Even in Uttarkhand it is so. WHY ???

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ajay kumar
Re: One Question
by ajay kumar (View MyPage) on Apr 10, 2010 12:00 PM
The Naxals are working for Mining mafia. Its similar to whats going on in Africa. But who control the MAFIA ??

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Double Standards
by ojama (View MyPage) on Apr 10, 2010 11:17 AM

By now every one knows that HM has double standards and double speak when it comes to dealing with terrorist and Insurgents.

The HM should realise that Terrorist has only one agenda to indulge in indiscriminate and unprovked violence on Aam Admi, where as the insurgents acts against the oppressive and unjust state and its presidening politicians but only when provoked by state.

Now, when Gujarat CM was pleading to the centre to give consent to the state adopted counter terror law, the home minstry put hurldes on that and scuttled the acceptance by the president. When the Bill was not made into act there was glee and relief on HMs face. So, When it comes to Terrorist he is a human rights activist and with insurgents he advocates the use of Air power against indegenous people, much against international law.Now the HM in the present state cant do moral posturing and grand standing on matters of security, as he should reliase that PM was compelled to reject his resignation drama due to TINA syndrome in his UPA-II, as all the ministers want comfort zone.

But, the PM is caught between Rock and Hard place.He has to remove his turban and think out of the box to fix the problem created by one of the so called ablest minister.He must persuade the Agri minster to done the hat of HM and there by relive him from the IPL obsession. The HM can take his post and be active in controlling the price rise by curbing the speculation in the commodity exchange market which is his baby

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S Narain
PC is clean in his approach & that is great!!!!!!!!!!
by S Narain (View MyPage) on Apr 10, 2010 10:31 AM

PC is clean in his approach & that is great!!!!

He is ready to own up the responsibility for naxal tackling fiasco.......

I find him an honest,sensitive, strong and tough guy...

I support him fully..whole India is behind you MR PChidambaram......

God bless PC..He is the one of the Bright faces of otherwise poor UPA..

Kudos to PC..keep it UP

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by JOHN BHATIA (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 11:09 PM

Home minister P. C. may not resign for the loss of 75 lives but at the same time his timidity in handling maoist unrest is un-padonable. He should not go on repeating his mantara that military will not be involved in fighting with Maoists. In fact now, Military and drones and all means must be considered to defeat MAOISTS. They are our enemies and we must fight with the enemies to our best.If we fail to defeat Maoists now and hesitate to fight with them by drones and military guns, it will be too late in few years to control them and we will have to fight with smart bombs, naval and air force. TIME IS NOW TO ELIMINATE MAOISTS FROM THEIR ROOTS.

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People should be educated about evils of communism....
by hawkeye (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 01:04 PM

A necessary ingredient in the battle against communism is the need to educate people on the evils of communism, namely the massacre of millions of people ( communists included ) by Stalin and the Soviet communists till the destruction of the U.S.S.R., which was easily facilitated by communist dictatorship, the
Soviet secret police , lack of democracy, mob violence, and complete censure of free speech and writing and press.

The dignity of human life counts for nil or zero in a communist society, where dictatorship dictates everything.
Stalin himself killed more than 3 million Russians ( about 6% of Russian population ) at that time, in concentration camps.

Mao killed more than 12 million fellow
Chinese during the Cultural Revolution.

More than 3000 young Chinese students, non-violently protesting for democracy and abolition of dictatorship , was machine gunned down by Chinese soldiers in the famous Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, which shook the conscience of the world.

All these should be brought to the people, and they should be educated on the perils of a communist society which creates true state terror, and at same time impoverishes people with impotent communist economics, resulting in poverty and starvation deaths, North Korea being a shining example at the present moment.

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Only One Solution
by VijaySagar (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 09:43 AM

Round up all the politicians in our country and their families and feed them to the Naxalites. We kill two birds with one stone, we do away with the filth in our society and also ensure that the naxals get justice. 60 years of independence, and India is still grappling with basic issues. It is a shame indeed, and we have only one fraternity to blame for this, our politicians.

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back to basics first
by Ramesh (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 07:07 AM  | Hide replies

In democracy law and order is a political issue, not a policing or a military one. Both the enforcer of law and the subjects come from the same society. The conflicts over property rights, cultural rights, religious rights spill over to law and order issues.

The Naxal problem is largely due to property rights.

The conflicts are coming because of three types of issues 1.those who seek to exploit the land but not willing to pay the real transaction cost. 2. the ones who perceieve they possess the property do not have their legal ownership defined 3. there are middle-man who seek to make profit by controlling the transaction.

The real solution is creation of legal market economy, where the buy has the right to quote a price, and seller the right to accept or refuse the offer. This regulation is done by law. Out product economy and even service economy is adequately developed to resolve issues in case of any conflict. Our labour market is beset with issues, but atleast Trade Union movement has an overall healthy record for wage and service condition related negotiations. The same can not be said of land acquisition for industrial expansion. It is the failure of the law making which needs to be addressed. The other critical weakness is impact on environemnt in terms of pollution which leads to widespread sickness but no violence.

Politics holds the key and efforts to decimate Naxals without reforming property laws will only increase confrontation, and therfore costs.

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Re: back to basics first
by Ramesh (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 07:35 AM
The problem in India is that there is no political consensus over law making for land property market.

Industrialists do not like it since land prices will go up drastically and the right to refusal by landowners shall make it land acquisition a very slow process, until a wide range of market related institutions come into place.

Most planners and polciy makers have no idea of the complexities involved in developing land markets as they exist in developed nations.

Leftists hate it because it will weaken them ideologically and make a Communistic state an impossibility.

Many political elements cutting accross party lines are hand in glove with mining interests, including those who indulge in illegal mining, besides being large landowners in urban as well as rural areas.

If Communists give up their crazy ideas, morph themselves to being socialists and accept the premise of market economy, then leftists would probably be best placed to credibly usher the pro-people next generation market oriented reforms.

In our incredible India, where politicians are generally not credible, to expect die-hard communists to change colour is nearly impossible; but not totally ruled out.

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Re: Re: back to basics first
by Ramesh (View MyPage) on Apr 09, 2010 07:58 AM
Unlike other BRIC nations India faces severe shortage of land. The population density is comparable to Japan and UK.

If there is proper market mechanism for genuine price discovery in Indian then land prices shall be very high. Not surprisingly most of the black money income in India is absorbed in land and landed properties.

Transparent and legal market mechanism would need almost wholly white money market. If the lure of such a windfall motivates our politicians, may be the land markets shall become a reality.

Such enlightened law making by co-opting politicians is perhaps the only way ground can be prepared to decimate Naxalites who present a clear and present danger to India.

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