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Tapan Kumar Sahu
by Tapan Kumar Sahu (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 10:30 AM

There is a popular sanskrit sloka:-Anna chinta chamatkara katare kavita kutah i.e. you can\'t read,write ,think or enjoy poetry when you are hungry or your stomach was empty.So the first thing is to fulfil the basic needs before thinking about other things.We can\'t understand the problem because we have all ameneties.Those parents who doesn\'t have two times meal for them and their kids can\'t think of RTE or RTE doesn\'t have any relevance to them.

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Radhakant Gartia
RTE: A distant dream
by Radhakant Gartia (View MyPage) on Oct 15, 2010 10:42 PM

Indeed effective implementation of RTE brings India to the map of successful democracy. India has been dreaming for this since its inception as an independent democracy. Effective implementation of RTE needs all the children within the age group of 6-14 in the schools. Though the Govt has made attempts to attend the same, still there are some lacunas. Govt will punish those parents who will not send their children to schools.Whats about those persons who are employing the minors in their homes? Even, the academicians who are shouting in the meetings have working minors in their homes. Who will punish them ? Unless and until the educated segment of the society implement it in real sense, RTE will be remain as a dream...

- Radhakant Gartia

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swami pudipeddi
Right to Education
by swami pudipeddi (View MyPage) on Apr 03, 2010 02:38 PM  | Hide replies

All the schemes are made a mockery. majority of the educated, poltiicians engage child labour. From villages people bring in their wards and keep them as bonded labour/domestic help in the houses of well to do, both husband and wife employees to be guard of their house and young kids. The Muncipalities allot rickshaws to collect garbage and that person who gets the rickshaw gives it a child who collects the garbage and throw around the nearby dustbin. From the money he collects month to month from the flats/houses from which he collects garbage, the main person who got the rickshaw allotted to himself will get the lions share. In auto works shops, hotels everywhere you find child labour and the authorities throw a blind eye. even complaints are not taken care of or nobody is interested in correcting this lapse. So we have to endure every thing despite the law. Supreme Court clearly ordered ban on public smoking. i find several lawyers smoke in the court premises. This happens even in the presence of police. Court staff smoke in the court corridors. I have noticed this even in the supreme court premises. when no one is there to implement these strictly what is use of a law or order of any one.

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Ramesh Murthy
Re: Right to Education
by Ramesh Murthy (View MyPage) on Apr 04, 2010 11:54 PM
To ban smoking is a BAD law! This happened only bcos that medically qualified moron Anbumani had a bee in his bonnet and wanted to COPY UK which had enacted this law may be 3 years ago! In defence of the Law I can only say that in the UK 99% of the population is educated literate and generally Law abiding! They also make sure that they provide dedicated areas for those who prefer to smoke an opportunity to smoke and NOT break the Law! This of course was preceded by nearly 10 years of public education and in India we just jumped straight into the thick of legislation! With RTE it is important to restructure our education with emphasis on primary education and secondary education! Higher education is a natural consequence and will follow !what we need to shed is the linguistic, and regional and religious chauvinism (like the Tamil, Bengali or Marathi. elitism) and have similar ( uniform ) syllabi with civic studies which have ceased to be fashionable! In addition we need Vocational training up to the age of 18 to produce efficient productive and employable citizens! Only then can private industry And Public services start creating wealth and alleviate Poverty

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Sanjeev Kumar
Right to Education
by Sanjeev Kumar (View MyPage) on Apr 03, 2010 02:38 PM

Ground reality is totally different to govt claims. It is very easy to announce any decision from Delhi A.C. offices. I request Sonia, Rahul or P.M to visit New Delhi railway station and ISBT to see the conditions there. These stations are not even fit for animals. The congress party should think twice before claiming about 8 - 10 % growth. It is mere number game to throw dust in public eyes.

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Rohit Pradhan
Right to education
by Rohit Pradhan (View MyPage) on Apr 03, 2010 02:30 PM

Children in the villages work like a domestic help in their own house. Collection animal feed, distribution of milk and vegetables to the house of the consumers, purchase of daily consumables etc are their daily duty.The parents give no value to the education. This program is great but it needs to be made attractive. Like in NREGA the head of the family working under this scheme is paid Rs. 30.00 extra over his daily wage if he gets all his children admitted to the school but he should produce the atendance from the HM of the school that the children are regular in the class. Otherwise for petty benefits children are not sent to school and the parents mentality is they have nothing to loose by not sending the children to the school.Present local bodies will not help in implementation of this program because they have nothing to gain from this

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Prasad Vemparala
by Prasad Vemparala (View MyPage) on Apr 03, 2010 02:26 PM

This is to fool people. What does it mean by this?Nobody knows. Right to life is there. When I am dying can i go to acorporate hospital and get treatment free?This is all to fool people. Poverty is the root cause for many problems. This govt is interested to keep it that way otherwise there wont be people taking liquor and money for votes

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