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The fallout from 9/11

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Chinese hegemony the real threat
by Gauzbig (View MyPage) on Sep 16, 2006 09:22 PM

There is a lot of free floating violence out there and to blame it on clash of civilizations is incorrect. So, when Shias and Sunnis are targeting each other in the streets of Karachi and Samarra and Jaish Al-Mahdi clashes with Al-Qaida (both Arabs)is it still explained by a clash of civilizations? When Iran feels threatened by an 'Islamic bomb' (that can fall into the hands of Al Qaida and sundry Sunni fundamentalists) and would risk international sanctions in the pursuit of uranium enrichment is it a clash of civilizations?

Huntington has become the favoured one for reactionary forces world over but putting aside blinkers one can see realpolitik at play.

There is indeed an axis of evil from the US perspective. The efforts by North Korea (with active support from China) to keep key US ally Japan on tenterhooks is real.The efforts by Iran the chief patron of the Hezbollah to deal (US ally in the middle east) Israel a bloody nose is not without purpose. China tacitly supports Pakistan/Iran/Hezbollah at the UN.

China/Russia are grappling US/NATO/India over central asia. Chinese hegemony will remain a real threat to US/India long after Islamic terrorism is vanquished

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Feeling sorry..
by Mavir (View MyPage) on Sep 13, 2006 11:00 PM  | Hide replies

Rajeev Srinivasan's particular brand of sectarian ideology on retreat on every front, and in every state of this blessed country, he is now reduced to repeating his much flogged divisive theories but in a much more incoherent manner. The article lacks unity and has no central idea. It cannot satisfiy even his regular fundementalist fans.

The lack of intellectual content in RS' wrtings was compensated by his fiery sectarianism and fundementalist convictions. They served the useful purpose of putting on record the sectarian point of view and the accompanying prejudices shared by many of his readers. These articles were a source for understainding the fundementalist mindset.

The present article is disappointing from this point of view...

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Varun Shekhar
RE:Feeling sorry..
by Varun Shekhar (View MyPage) on Sep 14, 2006 11:56 PM
What on earth is so sectarian about Rajeev's article.He is saying something that quite a lot of people, regardless of political affiliation, would say about America's so called war on terror. It has been a failure, or at the very least a big mess, five years on. Until the US really does something about Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and not secondary sources like Ira, they will not be sincere and serious about fighting a truly global and meaningful war against terror.

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Thank God there is just one misfit outfit!
by Ruxak (View MyPage) on Sep 13, 2006 07:04 AM  | Hide replies

When we read about the behaviour of the Taleban are we not happy that there is just one lunatic on the block? How easy it could have been to have two -another the sangh parivar in power in India to complete the quorum.

Just think about the few incidences that have happened in the recent past. How much more it would have been with state patronage and support like the Gujarat pogroms a few years back. Professor H.S. Sabharwal was beaten to death allegedly by ABVP activists taking Guru/Shikshaya principles to great new heights.A son pays great respect to his late father by sniffing cocaine with drinking champagne taking pita/putra relationships to even greater heights. Nationalism is proved by people singing Vande Matharam while issues that would really be of importance like development of infrastructure and the like are not attended to.The mole in the PMO has proved to be some more Propoganda gone haywire. The taking of the law into their own hands attacking a convent school on grounds of 'conversion' instead of letting the law take its course if indeed there was a breakdown of law.

The very mindset of this body of polity is tailor-made to match the Taleban act for foolish act

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RE:Thank God there is just one misfit outfit!
by Senthil (View MyPage) on Sep 18, 2006 03:06 PM
Ruxak you too have posted utter irrelevant rubbish, how can you compare a terrorist organization like Taliban which want the destruction of India, with sangh parivar the largest socio cultural religious movements of India, I am associated with RSS for the dedication and discipline of its cadres, the simple life style of its pracharaks, the moral teaching it imparts to the younger generation in its daily sakhas, and the voluntary labour put in by its cadres at critical times such as natural calamities national crises and millions will associate them with sangh parivar to safe guard the nation against the terrorist like Taliban, The growth of minority fundamentalism and appeasement from the government would only strengthen the sangh parivar.

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RE:Thank God there is just one misfit outfit!
by shiv (View MyPage) on Sep 14, 2006 05:09 PM
Looks like you belong to the Taliban since you seem very sympathetic about them! Leave this country if you are against hindus & join your brethen in pakistan

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RE:Thank God there is just one misfit outfit!
by Runx (View MyPage) on Sep 15, 2006 01:58 PM
shiv, you posted utter irrelevent rubbish.

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Varun Shekhar
RE:Thank God there is just one misfit outfit!
by Varun Shekhar (View MyPage) on Sep 14, 2006 11:53 PM

Ruxak either doesn't have a clue what the Taliban was all about, or he is indulging in crude partisan politics. The Taliban were against democracy, elections, women being outside the home, any artistic expression. They wanted to ban all other religions besides Islam. They forced Hindus to wear yellow badges, and Hindus were a tiny minority in Afghanistan. The Taliban staged mass public executions inside stadiums. They slaughtered entire communities merely for being different. It's demeaning and insulting to Indians to suggest that India was governed by a Taliban like party for 6 years. That's sickening and mendacious.

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