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How did Sonia cut her losses?

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How did Sonia cut her losses?
by Manish (View MyPage) on Jun 09, 2006 09:36 PM


Reading the article, I get to know about the happenings during a certain event in Indian Politics. I really appreciate the analysis of the author.Thanks.

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sonia resig
by sharma (View MyPage) on Mar 25, 2006 12:22 AM

The action of Mrs.Gandhi for her postions is commendable proving that she one of tallest leader that country produced.She showed a path that can be followed by other politicians instead of waiting for the election commision to take an action.

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Mohan Anand
How many will resign?
by Mohan Anand (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 05:43 PM

The article was great, i agree fully with the views of the author.
When will the time of matured governance come. Its high time the ministers of our country start putting in their time and effort on the development rather than wasting time on such unproductive legal issues of "holding office of profit." When we have 99% of our politicians owning their own bussiness worth billions.

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Politicians should show more maturity & restraint
by Gouse (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 12:45 PM

It is no less than a Hindi film drama that has captured the attention of the country in wake of Mrs.Gandhi's resignation. There is no gainsaying the fact that the mess is a creation of a congress man itself. Had he been a graceful loser to Mrs.Jaya Bacchan in the RS election, this situation would have been avoided. The congress man should have shown more maturity and restraint rather than going for negative tactics. This maturity was however shown by Mrs.Gandhi who scored one more over her opponents.

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g. ramakrishnan
mrs. sonia's resignation
by g. ramakrishnan (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 12:03 PM

We have tranformed our country into economical growth, good foreign relationship. now this new issue will send wrong signals to other countries. let us not waste time in such things and focus on the growth of the nation which in turn brings in growth to humanity. We have in all parties good service minded leaders. allow them to come up & create a tune of harmony. mere bharath mahan.

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Indian Lover
Oh yes!!
by Indian Lover (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 11:59 AM

Oh,yeah right..whats this fuss all abt!!..Can someone explain Sheela Bhatt, please!!..I am going out for a smoke..;))

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Raja Mohan
How did Sonia cut her losses?
by Raja Mohan (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 11:43 AM

What Sonia has done is a crude trick which is not going to work every time. Another former PM VP Singh also tried this weapon whenever possible but at some point it stopped working.
Sonia must prove that she was not holding office of profit, rather than resigning. Can we accept any one being corrupt for ages and when someone questions he / she will resign the port folio as if that will resolve the issue. This is with assumption that she was corrupt. If not, why should she resign?
Can I keep driving a car without licence and simply stop driving when it is pointed out? I need to remember that apart from stopping driving I must pay the penalty for the misdeeds that have been executed so far.
Sonia must actually explain whether she was right or wrong in the issue instead of resignation. If she were wrong any way she would be disqualified. If she is not wrong she could have continued instead of making it expensive for the country to conduct elections again(Cant she think about that aspect of huge costs instead of worrying about keeping her reputation?). And the way the resignation was accepted with immediate effect shows that it is a planned move for political gains

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RR Sharma
Sonia's losses
by RR Sharma (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 11:23 AM

She has not cut her losses yet. It is a tragedy that the Congress men are not able to come out of the sycophancy culture planted by the Nehru-Gandhi family. The country certainly deserves a better set of people in the saddle for governance. No political party is curently having clean politicians. There is an urgent need for the value-driven individuals to drive the destiny of the nation. Democracy does not mean that we should allow Sonia, Laloo and the likes to enter politics and rule the country. The constitution should have a provision to apply more stringent criteria for becoming a politician and even a voter. The illiterates, with due respect, should not have voting rights. The government must educate the people first to make and then move them on the voting list. The links to the families of the earstwhile greats must not become a criterion to become an MP or the Minister. Not more than one person from one family should be allowed to become MP or MLA. Our constitution is a junk now allowing the looters and mafias to rule the country. It is anyway a "copy-and-paste" output of different constitutions.

Let PMship also not be allowed in the same family.

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by vinit (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 11:16 AM

once again she proved her matel.Now she has not only proved her intelligence but also proved how shrewd.she calculted the position very correctly as she was under the scanner.But she lost nothing but gain more.she will be most powerful politician so why to make it a issue .It is a well calculted decision and now the ball is BJP's court.

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