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'Hurt' Sonia Gandhi quits as MP

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rg raman
Hurt Sonia
by rg raman (View MyPage) on Apr 07, 2006 03:55 PM

Dear Sir,
Well Soniaji had resigned. She will be contesting the Elections from Rae Bareily in the next opportune time and bocome M P. Still the Original problem of Office of Profit remains same.
Election Commission has come out with ever so many conditions. Why not the EC come out with a clause whereby an elected MP, without proper reason can not resign and if any one resigns for reasons of this sort, they should be debarred from contesting elections from any other constituency from India for the next 6 years and such a person should be asked to pay a fine of not less than Rs. 25/- lacs.
MPs and MLAs have made the legistative process a thamasha.
Stern action from Election Commission, Judiciary and Law enforcement authorities are required urgently.

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Mohanbir Singh
Lady your 'halo' slips
by Mohanbir Singh (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 06:39 PM

Of what use is such resignation, when Madam Sonia will contest from Rae Bareily again. Why waste money on such farcial elections, from where one knows that she will win by a 'massive' majority.Is this to prove how popular a leader she is? So, she will come back in great triumph back to her seat in parliament and every thing will be hunky dory once again. However, power without responsibility, that she has been given to enjoy today, will take its toll in the future.

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'Hurt' Sonia Gandhi quits as MP
by Subrahmanya (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 10:56 AM

It is a good decision. But we need accountability by all MPs or MLAs for the public money. That is,if they resign for any reason for their elected post, they should also ready to bear the cost incurred by government for the process of re-election.

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But who will pay for all this?
by Neeraj (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 10:52 AM

Wow....this is the beauty of democracy... Congress manages to give a bloody nose to SP by making EC aware of Jaya Bachchan's occupation of office of profit (forgetting how many in Congress doing the same). The SP and others strike back and the government scraps/curtails the budget session to save embarrassment and make amends in the meantime.... However, the media attention and public outcry makes congress chief relinquish both her posts... to recontest again from the same constituency........ other's sleeping consience suddenly wakes up to this 'sacrifice' and resignations follow.
All this is very well but who pays for bill for all the drama.... we the people... foot the bill for expenses for an unfinished budget session, re-election in the LS seat vacated by the congress chief...and others..... hmmm... nothing can beat democracy.

On a more serious note, why shouldn't election commission seek reimbursements for repolling from the political parties rather than digging out the common man's pockets for such category of repolls.

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Good drama
by tjain (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 10:33 AM

One more successful drama by Sonia.

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What is this Hype about Sacrifice hype ??
by Pankaj (View MyPage) on Mar 24, 2006 02:52 AM

Why are the news channels after our life to feed us with their impression

of Sonia Gandhi being a sacrifising icon of India which no India born

person can never do ?? She left office so what ? Is it that she is giving

up her stay at 10 Janpath and going to stay in a village without

electricity and trying to do something for the masses ? Is she giving up

comfort and going to a village to teach at a school there so that the

kids get education ? Is she going to a remote village and making sure she

stays there till atleast the minimum stuff like water,electricity,

education reaches there. To make sure that they get the minimum if not

more primary education. WHat has she sacriised ????WHAT ?She hasnt sacrificed life, money , family , or anything that will change her life for the worse ..

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