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Anti-Brahmanism has to stop!

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Shameer P
Nice article
by Shameer P (View MyPage) on Feb 20, 2009 09:43 AM

Nice article and insight into good people's work. I appreciate the author for this good job.

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:31 PM  | Hide replies

Brahmanism is like any other "ism". There was Nazism, Fascisim, Communism and so on.
What this word called Brahmanism tells us?
Read the History of Chanakya's time.
In this movement called Brahmanism , all those students who had inquisitive mind questioning and rationalizing were directed by this movement to schools where they were confined and cut off from their family background and were put through rigorous discipline. It was not just learning Vedas, math%u2019s and political science and Ayurveda or Yoga alone that was important to get good marks ,just the way the present day British model of education exists now.
Brahmanism had a clear belief that the knowledge is power in the real sense and society will be destroyed by these intellectuals once they turn out of this Brahmin movement schools and hence they put much emphasis , like Brahmacharya which means a discipline followed with specific purpose of understanding the senses and thus taking control of the senses. Brahmanism also wanted that the peace should be all encompassing, all creatures and all belief systems and all regions.
That is why we see Buddhism prevailed at the time without any opposition or social disturbance and even it was respected by Brahmins for many centuries until Buddhism decayed itself.
Jainism though questioned the existence of God (atheistic), still found a place and its Lord Mahavira was revered, admired and even wo

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
RE:Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:34 PM
Jainism though questioned the existence of God (atheistic), still found a place and its Lord Mahavira was revered, admired and even worshipped by Brahmins. In no other country ,and in no other part of the world you would see this tolerance which may be unbelievable by the present day standards.
The most tragic result is that the Brahmanism died and Brahmins remained. The movement of directing the brilliant students towards Brahmanism (the movement) irrespective of his or her cast , family background is now, totally forgotten.
You shall remember Chanakya (Kautilya ) found the shepherd
boy on the street who was giving a judgment to his fellow boys over a dispute. Chanakya admired the shepherd-boy and told his parents that they should never visit the head quarters of Brahman movement until his education was complete. Chandragupta maurya we all know how he had overthrown the powerful Nandas and started the golden era in Indian History.
The earlier movement called Brahmanism is faded and forgotten. In its place we now have a caste.( most tragic and ironic)
But even today learned Brahmin pundits do tell you that no body is a Brahmin until he undergoes discipline and gets educated in shastras. So, that means Brahmin is not by birth is agreed to by the pundits. They do not deny the fact that it is not a caste.
Nowadays you see some of the people particularly belonging to upper castes are very

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
RE:RE:Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:34 PM
Nowadays you see some of the people particularly belonging to upper castes are very much attracted by Brahmanism and do follow and practice many rituals and learn Sanskrit. Even Lord Buddha could not kill Brahmanism as was imagined and feared.
Swami Vivekananda in a lecture on Buddhism said that Lord Buddha and his philosophy actually enhanced and strengthened Brahmanism and it is 100% true.
Swami Vivekananda himself was not a Brahmin and was attracted by Buddhism and Brahmo samaj until he came in to contact with Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
Nowadays though in a lesser scale we also see many lower castes particularly Scheduled caste people, attracted by Brahmanism, started learning rituals and following a brahministic life style while at the same time I have seen many Brahmins coming to offices without taking bath and not following any rituals.
Today everything has to be proved by scientific method in a laboratory and we read an English just so that we believe!!.
In year 2002 Japanese scientist proved the existence of particles smaller than electrons and they would pass through everything in the Universe except that if a body is wet in water they may deflect back giving shining to the skin. And he proved that the Sun shines because of these particles (why does the sun shine ??) . He was awarded Nobel Prize in the year 2003. Indian scientists missed this Nobel Prize because they pub

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
RE:RE:RE:Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:37 PM
. He was awarded Nobel Prize in the year 2003. Indian scientists missed this Nobel Prize because they published their paper a few days after this Japanese scientist.
At least two years ago two scientists in Germany and England independently proved that the signals, those carried through the nerves are NOT electric signals (believed by so called science for ages ,until now) but the signal actually originates and carried through a sound (they are sound waves)!!
You know what this mantra chanting means in this context and you shall know why many non-Brahmins are attracted by Brahmanism and following their life style including pure vegetarianism.
When people are displaced by their original vocations because now in many states governments had taken over the temples in the form of endowment ministries, it very natural to see a caste called Brahmins, doing very add jobs like railway porters or auto-rickshaw drivers.
Nobody is Brahmin by caste if you were to understand the word Brahmin very strictly.
Now many egoistic and idiotic Brahmins, very arrogantly miss-pronounce many Vedic mantras that it is horrible to hear them chant in a ritual if only you know these mantras and if you have knowledge of Sanskrit.
Now most of the Vedic mantras are available as audio cassettes and books. Their haegomonic, nonsense wording and pronouncing has crept in to even publicly available audio cassettes!! It may be unbelievable

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
RE:RE:RE:RE:Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:39 PM
It may be unbelievable but that is truth because commercial companies do not know what it is all about and spend less time with cross-examination of the cassettes they are producing.
But still all said and done Brahmins as a caste are taking advantage these new gadgets and commerce and are gainfully employed.
And they chant the Vedic mantras for commercial purposes to make money.
I do not think any other caste people have been able to do this.
Many other caste people have joined and infiltrated baniya community for example , and even the Jain community actually hijacking their traditional businesses , but interesting it may seem , the Brahmins hold ( as a caste) on scriptures is still very strong even if it means , as we have discussed , a commercial production of gadgets like audio cassettes of Rig Vedic mantras or Sam Veda songs.
Nobody ever penetrated their strong fort till now.
It does not matter if they started "sulab souchalayas" and penetrated the tradition of shudras and chanadalas in a brainy, commercial, organized manner. Why should any body worry? What for?
Have the shudras or Kshatriyas and their sub-caste have ever penetrated Brahmin strong holds except in Orissa%u2019s Jagannatha temple?
Swami Vivekananda spoke on anti-Brahmin movement in Madras on his return from Chicago.
He said "the only way to challenge the Brahmins and take over from them their authority is

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VENURAJA Bowenpalle
RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Brahminism is not a caste
by VENURAJA Bowenpalle (View MyPage) on May 30, 2007 02:40 PM

He said "the only way to challenge the Brahmins and take over from them their authority is to learn Sanskrit and their "abhysa%u201D, the discipline of practicing them.
We should worry most when Brahmin as a community could never get in to first class officer jobs because of reservations and not because , if they happen to clean toilets in Delhi.
In IAS, IPS, Central services and IAF (Indian Air Force) their share is more than their percentage of population.
In corporate culture which is galloping like uncontrolled horse, lower caste people generally end up as tea boys, drivers and toilet cleaners.
That is how exactly private sector would in all likelihood implement government order of reservations in private sector.
While Brahmins remain at the helm of the affairs as Company secretaries, CA%u2019s , accountants and managers .
Is not that true ??

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by kris (View MyPage) on May 15, 2007 11:28 AM  | Hide replies


by Purohit Sharma on May 01, 2007 06:23 PM | Hide replies


During Krita,Thretha,Dwapara yugas we Brahmins were enjoying beef since Vedic Period.Dalits were also taking it in an inferior form.We did not allow good quality beef to them,just like we don%u2019t allow cow slaughter even now.

There was a preparation called Madhuparakom,which is cooked beef added high quality honey and nuts.It is very tasty.We take along with vedic alcohol the somarasa a beer like drink. Lord Indra was always intoxicated with that creating problems womanizing etc.Yugas passed and in the Kaliyuga Sribudha came and told the people the practice of killing animals getting intoxicated and womanizing destroying national wealth for these are all sins just like as written in the Holy Bible.So people clamored enormously with Budhism.It became a great movement against our Brahminism.Then our forefathers had a meeting in holy city of Varanasi.We had monopolized everything in India since we Aryans came to India .How to continue enjoying the country%u2019s wealth, how to continue enjoying royal girls...

Dasaradha was actually impotent. He will not have anybody to inherit. Then it was our illustrious Brahmin Priest Bhrigu after the Puthrakameshti Yaga%u2026The king was so happy that he offered all the wives for use of the priests. Then the chief Bhrigu impregnated all of them and Dasaradha got four children. That is the reason why all the other upper castes remain subordinate to us. This practice continues even now in different forms.

Then it was decided to sacrifice beef eating. It was a very clever move. So we have stopped that and adopted vegetarianism. Declared all those eat beef are untouchables. So all the low castes and subsequently all other faiths became untouchables! We were able to throw Budhism out of India and reestablish our supremacy%u2026.Now it is clear to you%u2026.

But we are definitely afraid of you Christians since you educate the untouchables. That is a catastrophy for us. We enslaved them by monopolizing knowledge, the vid Vedas, we were its custodians. Now you impart them the vital knowledge power for the very existence, survival and progress. So we are really afraid. We will try to kill the missionaries e.g. Australian missionary, Kerala counterparts etc.We sincerely fear ultimately India will be a Christian Nation.


by Purohit Sharma on May 01, 2007 06:20 PM | Hide replies

A Brahmin who understands reality speaks:

There is a village near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu where a high priest Brahmins lives. They decided being they are the greatest they will not go any where, everything should come to them. They avoided any education except their moribund Sanskrit language. See now after centuries of self created isolat

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Kamalaksh shenoy
by Kamalaksh shenoy (View MyPage) on Dec 04, 2010 03:26 PM
Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise. Hence no comments on your message!!! God Save Your Brain.

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by (View MyPage) on May 22, 2007 06:05 PM
Very well said Kris.

You have revealed nothing but the bitter truth.

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