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Modi may face protest in UK

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No time for bieng diplomatic !
by thilak on Mar 22, 2005 04:32 PM

The US has done what the Indian law could not do ! Its time to introspect and pay homage to the innocent lives lost due to Modi's negligence OR whatever it could be called. One good decision by US at last.

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Maulik Shah
Congrates and Best luck Mr. Modi & india
by Maulik Shah on Mar 21, 2005 08:30 PM

I guess we should have to think this matter differently as we gujjus and indians hahs got the opprtunity again to prove our selves and show to US and world that we have power to be economically strong and Mr. modi should have to take the leadership for this. and he might become second Gandhiji and from gujarat too as we gujjus have done this in the past also.
here i dont want to prove that what america did was right but the thing is now its a matter of self-respect and we should have to forget what happened in gujarat as hindus & muslims both communities has lost that can't be fill out by any govenment but we can't live on one past that is a spot on all of us and we should have to forgive each other as both the communities was responsible for what happened but this things is affecting on gujarat and so india too and we should have to look forward to make india a WORLD POWER.
i hope Mr. Modi will work better in making the gujarat's economy better and so india's too and we all can pride about to be indians as a super power also not just on the great heritage.

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by Sunny on Mar 21, 2005 06:25 PM

What did the United States achieve by denying the Visa to MR. Modi. He has been protrayed as a Hero for the audience there in the Madison Square meeting. On the other hand the United States which did not show any mercy towards the innocent Iraqis had no right to deny the visa to MR. Modi. Both MR. Modi and MR. Bush should be punished for mistakes done by them. Both should not be allowed to visit any other country.

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visa to modi
by kvpaul on Mar 20, 2005 11:40 PM

He should be banned from visiting not only foreign countries but any places in India. He should be confined to a solitary cell without light and food so that he is bannished from the face of the earth as a punishment for what he has done in Gujarat.

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ErSingh SD
Modi & Swabhiman?Is it so ?or should it be ?
by ErSingh SD on Mar 20, 2005 11:15 PM

Whatever steps our Govt has taken are appreciable,especially reverred Prime Minister Sh ManmoHan Singh ji.As an Indian all welcome this action and depreciated USA action but will that infuse a sense of guilt in the minds of those who laugh at the secular credential of Congress ?
Will Narinder Modi realise and admit his blunders ?If that is, then it is ok; but if Modi go on taking political advantage of this issue then I would say persons like Mdoi should face the same repucussions everywhere as was done by USA.Infact all those persons who kill secularism this way or that way should be given same treatment,anyway we wish Modi will mend his ways and will try to understand Indian secularism.
Just a minute,it is quite starnge that George Farnandze is silent and he has not blamed Sonia for VISA DENIAL to Modi? Sooner or later we should expect this type of staement either from George or Jaya Jaitley or BalThakrey or like that of Vijay Katiyar as they are all bitten by bug of SONIA PHOBIA.

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d thorat
Modi`s ''swabhiman''
by d thorat on Mar 20, 2005 11:13 PM

It makes me sad and angry that a person like Modi should even dare talk of any "swabhiman". He need only be concerned with his shame. His dark sins have been duly taken note of by the Supre Court of India. In my beloved country, there are no moral values or ethics worth the name, but there is only the lust for power and money. Even the infamous scamster Harshad Mehta,and assorted underworld dons, have a huge support base here.Indian law cannot ever give justice to criminals.I feel glad that the US is one country that has come out openly against Modi.
Let all other countries of the world follow suit and show him Modi and ALL his supporting leaders of BJP/NDAS/RSS/VHP etc.etc. that the world knows what they are and they would no longer be able to fool this country by clever and false talk.

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I strongly agree with Mr. Modi
by jignesh on Mar 20, 2005 10:18 PM  | Hide replies

I strongly agree with what Mr. Modi says:
"Pakistan has been sending terrorists from across the border and is responsible for forcing Kashmir Pandits to flee their homes, but the same United States accords a warm welcome to Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf"

"How would the American government feel if the Indian government denies a visa to the US army chief because of what the US army has done in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

Being a super power doesn't mean can do what it wants to do. To hell with his power. We, Indians are also a very strong international community. If he (Mr. Modi) has been proved guilty of the charges then it's a different matter. But when the Indian government has not found him guilty, who the hell US to talk about it.

What has America being doing since 9/11.. just tryin to capture the whole world.

It is a question of India's respect and if Mr. Modi is not given Visas then we should together raise a very high pitch on the decision.

To hell with Bush.

Jai Hind.
I love my Bharat.

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:I strongly agree with Mr. Modi
by Subbu on Mar 21, 2005 08:35 PM
I strongly support Modi and likeminded patriotic Indians. Bush and Blair are unwelcome in this country. All those who hail denial of visa to Modi should not forget that it is Bush and Blair who committed atrocities and inhuman actions in Iraq, Vietnam, Guantanamo, etc.etc. Only slaves of imperialistic powers can welcome denial of visa to Modi

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RE:I strongly agree with Mr. Modi
by Naveed on Mar 21, 2005 07:11 PM
Love your modi and forget being in bharat...you like being a dictator yourself dear fellow Indian....
Looks like you have never saw a mob burning childrens..Keep comparing and you will never realise what it is watching childrens burning...watch once you will know the pain...
Finally Americans do have some sanity....
Jai Hind
Naveed Nawaz

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RE:I strongly agree with Mr. Modi
by Chaganbhai on Mar 23, 2005 09:52 AM
Read your views and sounds quite interesting. Assume, Mr. X is a pickpocketer or anything undesirable by profession or actions. Then he has no right to accuse others of being the same. He is pointing to others to cover up his faults and give sanctity to his misdeeds. Narendra Modi may be the Chief Minister of Gujarat, but he is nobody in USA if they feel he does not deserve a visa. If tomorrow, India does not want to issue a visa to any person, whatever his position, then it is its right. Instead of raising a hue and cry and saying that USA's actions have insulted India and the Constitution, which is untrue, he should retaliate against USA by stopping exports to USA, banning the people of Gujarat to visit USA, convincing Gujarati businessmen settled in USA to wind their shops in USA and start afresh in Gujarat out of patriotism to Gujarat. Is he capable of this? Moreover, if he considers himself to be a decent person, then he would vow not to visit USA in future, should they decide to grant him visa and welcome him.

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RE:I strongly agree with Mr. Modi
by Chaganbhai on Mar 21, 2005 08:34 PM
Please don't confuse issues. All these years, Modi visited USA (like visiting a public park in Gandhinagar), either on official or private visits, all was well. The reasons for which trips were made to USA were other than eating pizzas. Now that USA has refused to grant Modi a diplomatic visa and revoked his business and tourists visas, he finds fault with Bush and USA. How hypocritical he can be? Do not confuse issues by accusing Bush, Musharraf and others to cover up Modi's grave faults. Modi is responsible for killings of thousands of people. Modi may be respected in Gujarat, but world considers him to be a criminal. It is high time Modi goes to temples day-in, day-out and asks Almighty God for forgiveness for all his mortal sins. If tomorrow India wants and has the guts to deny visa to any foreigner, whatever may be the applicant's position, then it is solely India's right. No one can accuse India of insulting that person's country or its constitution. In short, Modi is a disgrace to India and he should have no entry in any of the countries of the free world, except such countries like North Korea, Cuba, Zaire, etc. USA has slapped in on his face.

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