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Credible evidence against Tytler

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Justice ? Where ?
by kulmohan on Aug 08, 2005 06:55 PM

The legacy of 1984 willl never vanish until it is answered with justice.

Nanavati commission report was an enquiry into the obvious and yet when you read it, Mr Justice Nanavati uses words like very probably where he wants to say that so and so minister was involved in the 1984 riots. What does the sound of the words very probably convey. It is admittance of the fact that Mr XYZ was involved in the riots, but ironically it also offers a withdrawal route or a safe-exit to Justice Nanavati to back-track from his own statement and give it a different meaning if faced with hostile political climate.

The dimension that I want to arrive at is the lack of honest will to see that the justice is dispensed at the end of it all. Justice will come only when there is political will. Let us remember, a majority will always have the numbers and muscle power on their side. A Majority will always stand out stronger and in greater control of things vis-à-vis a minority. Unfortunately as seen in this case, what the majority may lack is the urge to do justice to a minority, which by itself is a weak entity and unable to get justice, it then has to resort to the use of militant means

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regarding action to be taken following Nanavati commission
by Nandkishor on Aug 08, 2005 06:50 PM

I feel that strict action should be taken against all the accused like Tytler and Sajjan Kumar in the Nanavati Commission Report for disturbing the secular fabric of India by committing attrocities against Sikhs in 1984 .
This riots and its aftermath has led to a fall of secular constitution of India
So appropriate and immediate action should be taken .

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