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Is Slumdog Millionaire worth the praise?

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Sneha Suresh
slumdog millionaire
by Sneha Suresh on Apr 04, 2009 05:36 AM

Well written, sir. I completely agree with your views of this movie. you should be doing reviews for rediff (instead of- we all know who). A film with so many blunders in the screenplay winning an award for screenplay at the Golden Globes is pathetic. One of the glaring mistakes- is the restroom break before an answer is locked.
Slumdog is just like any other average to good Hindi movie- nothing more nothing less. A movie we will enjoy for the 2 hours but definitely not one that will leave a lasting impression (all aspects of this film are forgotten ones u leave the theatre). Nothing outstanding as we would expect from a movie that won 8 oscars.
I would like to request Mr Raja Sen to please leave this job to somebody who will do his job honestly (I would have loved to think that this is your taste in movies but we get to see clear bias in many of ur reviews-depending on the actors etc). I think rediff likes to create a heated discussion on their boards and hence they let Mr. Raja Sen to do their reviews. Mr. Sen should seriously start writing books and rest assured he would be the next Winner of the Booker. He has the vocabulary and the taste only they will understand. But please let the average man who wants to spend his hard earned money wisely be given a fair review.

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by Guest on Mar 19, 2009 06:47 AM

greetings from germany! i like the Film!
1.because it is an low budged one about a "3.world"-country that shows somewhat of the reality
2.the most western UpperClass dont like the Film because "so many oscars and globes for a Slum-movie?" the critics in the german main media is nearly the same i read here but from a other direction: they mostly criticise the "bollywood-like" and the story: "from Shaiwallah(?) to Millionaire" and the main media try to ignore this amazing masterpiece!
especially the Winner of the 2 Oscars Rahman!
its hard to find a picture/the name of him in the german media. they always show Boyle.
3.watch the independent Film "the Island of Flowers"! then you will understand! it is also a Price-Wnning Movie but it shows the life in the huge Slums of Brasil and how the western Industry is involved in produce this mass murdering.this Movie is shown 1 (one) time in the german TV. never in the main cinema only in independend cinemas.
it was a whise decide from the oscar-Committee end it was a bad surpise for the western Movie industry! btw...the most visitors in shortets period of time are in southafrika...why?

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Shashank Muley
by Shashank Muley on Mar 06, 2009 12:57 PM

Movie has a good narration, but its no different, same old end mein sab achha achha.
if slumdog gets an oscar its cos the director is british. I personally feel if SM deserves an oscar then every "C" grade movie deserves it. Over all showing Indian poverty and earning money is a cheap game, and if they like it, ask them to make one on every country..

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by anita on Mar 02, 2009 10:57 AM

well i wld say people are going over board. why did"nt saalam bombay get it?the hot topic is why are we ashamed- well dears nobody is ashamed how india is portrayed as that is reality.my only answer it got the award cause it was foreign director.u mean to say there is no poverty in other parts of asia. wake up indians see ur country try to do something instead of basking in the sun- for just an oscar.the oscar is not great here- doing something for ur country is greater- for a start just start to keep ur surroundings clean. and as for a.r. rehman- i dont think we need an oscar to say he is one of the best- we all know he is the best.

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slumdog milionaire
by Guest on Mar 01, 2009 09:59 AM

it's a good movie. A real kick in the ass of Indians who were riding so high on the false euphoria that they were on their way of becoming a superpower!!!!

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satish garg
very bad
by satish garg on Feb 26, 2009 11:22 AM

it is india
chamatkar ko namaskar
Jai hoo

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sanjai Krishna
by sanjai Krishna on Feb 25, 2009 03:56 AM  | Hide replies

Propaganda Movie- Slum Dog

I am an Indian and I have been working in various countries and I have friends and colleagues from all over the world. What Mr.Bachan said is true. Poverties and slums are everywhere in different forms even in developed countries. The English man, who took the movie slum dog millionaire, knows that in his country, the local governments build flats for poor people. Indian slums dogs are at least hard working people and they build the slums. But if the government doesn’t support his country’s slum dogs, they will die like street dogs in the street. Because, they don’t know what is hard working. What they know is to go to benefit office get the money, spend that money for alcohol, and drugs. Make too many babies to get more child benefit. And also they know that, for example, how to make sex with their mother’s boy friend or father’s girl friend or how to make sex with son-in-law or daughter-in -law. This is their culture. India never invaded and plundered other countries. So we do not have that sort of money to build council flats for all poor people. Even though we have a nasty neighbour and we spend our income for defence we have progressed a lot when compared to 1947.
The English guy who took the picture with the support of Indian idiots must understand that Briton, when compared to India, is a very small country. Still they have considerable amount of poor people and council flats all over the UK. There are so many other countries in the wor

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sanjai Krishna
by sanjai Krishna on Feb 25, 2009 03:57 AM
. There are so many other countries in the world, which are poorer than India. Indian idiots who are proud about the movie slum dog millionaire must understand this is a propaganda movie came out of colonial attitude. The only happy and funny thing is our great Rahman got world attention for his ordinary work and painfully at a price. If you want to know what is real Briton please go to the Sun news web site. Briton’s national newspaper!! But remember, English people are not like Indians who have got two opinions even when their mother got raped.

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damm it
by thomas on Feb 24, 2009 11:21 AM  | Hide replies

i really feel sorry for slumdog being given 8 oscars...though im proud tat two indian hav made it to the oscars, the award for best film was not at all worthy....being a south indian if kamal hasans mahandi or the malayalam film KALCUTAA NEWS was made with a english subtitle it wud hav been better than this.........

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Mad Max
by Mad Max on Feb 23, 2009 08:34 PM

true that this movie is mediocre and not oscar worthy etc. true it shows india unfairly.. but its also true that some of the indian actors made some $$ (the slum kids)..maybe danny boyle will share some $$ he made, in developing mumbai.. lets not kid ourselves.. our politicians are shameless losers who did squat in mumbai and maybe this will make them do something to correct the problem in mumbai and elsewhere (i know wishifull thinking :)

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