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Review: Jaane Na...Ya Jaane Tu

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Amol Gaur
i love u
by Amol Gaur on Oct 12, 2008 11:46 AM

Hay! Dear Aap mujhe itna love kun krte ho mujhe ye accha lgta hai , mujhe bhi love hai aapse, Aapko kuch feel nhi hota kya mujhe kfi bechani ho rahi hai , 24haur! aaphi najar aate ho Dear! aap mujhe kahin milna jana please I like u but Some Relation Is very Close & famly thinking Is diffrent so i accept u love u wo bus net pe mil nhi pata aapko to bechani bad jati hai aap se mujhe utna hi love hai jitna log god's se krte hain
aap bhi kuch kaho love ke bare main Mujhe lagta hai aapne love some time ke liye kiya but mane to aapko lfe time love kiya hai please say me love

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harpreet kaur
my two cents worth
by harpreet kaur on Oct 09, 2008 09:33 PM

i watched it last night finally... loved it. its an old story but with a very freash take. plus i loved that every character was developed well. wish there were more scenes with pratiek babar. he was very good. loved imran (but maybe thats just hormones cos he is kida cute) , genilia was good as well.. fav fav scenes were paresh's scenes and naseruddin shah and his wifey..awesome :)
the thing is stories have very few plots..love story, horror, mystery, action..and so on... love stories also have a few plots only..the triangle..poor gal rich boy..rich gal poor boy... sad love stories ..stalking... unknown love..unrequited love..and so on... the mark of a good movie is when they can tell a well used story in a fresh manner.. and this movie did it... loved the songs as well... they were fun and cute totally in sync with the movie..

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Sanika Kapoor
jaane tu ya jaane na
by Sanika Kapoor on Sep 10, 2008 04:42 PM

imraan & genelia u both rock in ur film jaane tu.the best part in ur film is the last shot in which jay at the airport singing the song for aditi & on,is real fun& genelia ur very sweet & imraan what can i say about u as everyomne says "choclate boy"& ur just very sweet & cute & very handsome & this is $@nika signing off.

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Kalpana Natarajan
Dont you think Kabhi Kabhi sounds like...
by Kalpana Natarajan on Aug 17, 2008 06:58 AM  | Hide replies

... Appudu Ippudo Eppudooo from Bommarillu...
Listen intently.. you can find out!


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Message deleted by moderator
about movie
by swadha on Aug 09, 2008 01:40 PM

spactacular, nice, interesting, two known friends but unknown lovers movie. hit block buster movie of the year


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kapil patil
Below average low budget movie
by kapil patil on Aug 07, 2008 05:58 PM

Nothing really to waste Rs. 200 other than the fact that Aamir Khan has produced it (appears as if he also kept it quite low budget). Imran fails to impress.

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Viz Narayan
Better than ChopraSTuff
by Viz Narayan on Aug 03, 2008 09:22 PM

Though not in the standards of Taare Zameen par, Dil Chahta hai etc, this movie was a definite wower..Budda old men out of the scene all fresh characters with young peppy feel. AR Rahman proves he is the best music directory in india once again (Only pritam/ShankarElsenLoy can be competitive with him).
THis movie is in much higher standards than such idiotic dudders which the north indians(And indeed some of the south) regard so highly like DDLJ, KKHH etc..Wake up bros,,this is how good movies look not ur blody candy flop with no stories. For example, tell me what was the ending of DDLJ. AMarish puri having a sudden change of mind for no reason at all???Come on get real...Learn to like good movies atleast from now on..
Point on copying from mallu movie:NIRAM. Indeed it may have been becos the story is very similar. How ever the actors dint have half the screen presence or enthusiasm of JTYJN.
One of the song 'PRayam nammil moham' which is one of the worst song i have heard in life was supposed to be the highlight of the movie..
I would be more delighted if good stories are handled by competent directors, even if plagiarised..

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rahul rahul
complete waste of time
by rahul rahul on Jul 29, 2008 02:51 AM  | Hide replies

yes it is a very dull and old fashioned movie..
not only story but many of the dialogues are quite predictable..
one can find it interesting if he has a scarcity of common sense..

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smart guy
RE:complete waste of time
by smart guy on Jul 31, 2008 06:39 PM
u mad looks like ur old fashioned

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smart guy
RE:RE:complete waste of time
by smart guy on Jul 31, 2008 06:41 PM
its made for teens so if u abv 18 an sayin its old fashion then evry1 knows who the wrong one ... welll imran cudnt act tho he looks ok

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LOved movie
by BR on Jul 29, 2008 12:01 AM

Good launching movie for someone who is slight and easy on the eyes, like Imran Khan. Such an easy going manner, and also looks his age, not over-aged.

I laughed every time, Naseer had something to say from his canvas. A fantastic take from Harry Potter that. Favourite scene when Ratna Pathak says 'Nahi, woh mera pati kaa beta hain. Chalo, ghar chale.'

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Discerning Watcher
Niram/Nuvve Kavali, but then, why bother with those things?
by Discerning Watcher on Jul 28, 2008 10:19 AM

It sure is old wine. There are surely some cringe-worthy corny moments. It sure is 'inspired', and from multiple sources. It ain't Lagaan, and it sure ain't 'TZP'. But it wasn't meant to be. But should one care?

I say No. Btw, the audience also doesn't care (look at the business it has garnered).

Peppy music, amazing cameos, the return of Paresh Rawal (think 'Mohra'....a little), excellent leads (Genelia though, to be fair, is overdoing it a bit, if one cares to watch Bommarrillu and its tamil remake, plus most of the other stuff she's been in - though she sure is easy on the eyes, and a good actress, perhaps its time to stretch for range). And yes, it was good to see Jayant Kripalani back in the movies after a while (can't forget that smile from his Vicks Vaporub ad). Finally, here's to hoping Kitu Gidwani gets lengthier roles.

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