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by adeline on Apr 03, 2008 01:19 PM

Billo barber is the remake of the malayalam movie "Kadha parayubol" written by the genius actor and director Sreenivasan.The story revolves around the relationship between a poor village barber (played by Sreeni himself) and a leading superstar, which excites the curiosity and wrath of his neighbours and locals of the village...who wants to meet the superstar through the barber.Meena plays the wife of the barber and has a significant presence throughout the film...wjich has lot of comical and real life moments. The film was a superhit in Malayalam, and anybody who gets a part of this film will ahve nothing to regret. Dunno hOw the story has shaped up in hindi, but this is where our Amisha Patel, whose return we were waiting for a long time has disappointed us bitterly!!!! How can you refuse such a good role misha..and that too a chance to act with The King Khan himself!

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by RASHID SHAKILKHAN on Apr 03, 2008 07:30 AM


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by Anup on Apr 02, 2008 09:25 PM

Isnt this the remake of a Mallu movie - 'Kadha Parayumbol' with Mamooty in the lead role?Heard its going to remade in Tamil with Rajni in it,but this is news to me!

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The south guys are so possessive
by BR on Apr 02, 2008 08:32 PM  | Hide replies

man these guys are possessive about their stories, their actors, even acting capabilities. I don;t they were possessive of their software skills only. But know, it goes beyond.

I think problem witll get resolved if Priyadarshan is banned from being Hindi movies. he can then stick to malayalee movies, which Hindi guys will never understand and can never remake ( right? Bollywood has no talent, right?) . So no need to give credit to anyone not in the picture, right?

Priyadarshan, what are you doing in Bombay, man? Your brothers and sisters hate it when you remake stuff in Hindi.

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RE:The south guys are so possessive
by GOGO on Apr 02, 2008 11:10 PM
you know what, priyadarshan had been chucked out of malyalam movies because he has not produced a single hit in a decade and he was no match for hordes of talented mallu directors. But this gloroiously copy cat suits bollywood to the T.

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RE:RE:The south guys are so possessive
by GOGO on Apr 02, 2008 11:11 PM
gloriously untalented copycat (correction)

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yusuf makrani
we are indians
by yusuf makrani on Apr 02, 2008 06:06 PM  | Hide replies

I think the day we indians start living and working harmoniously together, that day india will be "saare jahaan se acha", it shdnt be that we come from the north or south or east or west, rajni is as good as amitabh just as pankaj kapur is as good as mamoothy.Who cares where its inspired from: if the film is good and we enjoy it, who cares who made it first.
And coming to juhi replacing amisha, its a great decision, she does justice to any role she does and i'm early awaiting the film.

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A b h i j e e t
RE:we are indians
by A b h i j e e t on Apr 03, 2008 03:18 AM

So releaved to see atleast one national theamed messaged. Otherwise these days its all regional.

Why dont all readers watch this very old Doordarshan video once on youtube:
Mile Sur mera tumhara... Tooo Sur Bane humara...

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Message deleted by moderator
Message deleted by moderator
mohammed  haroon
The unflappable Shah Rukh doesn't reveal this one!!!
by mohammed haroon on Apr 02, 2008 04:23 PM  | Hide replies

Why is Red Chillies making a false statement that this story is a modern era Krishna and Sudama story. This is actually a movie that Rajnikanth now wants to remake from the original malyalam movie called Kathaparayumbol.

Obviously, Shah rukh doesn't want to give credit to the original movie's makers. We shouldn't have expected more than an inspired story from Priyadarshan who does not have one single original hindi movie to his credit. They are all remakes of his old malayalam hits.

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Althaf  Abdul Razak
RE:The unflappable Shah Rukh doesn't reveal this one!!!
by Althaf Abdul Razak on Apr 02, 2008 05:42 PM
yes priyadarshan has 2 movies which are originals... 1 malamaal weekly and 2 kabhi n kabhi !!!

rest all of them are copies of malayalam movies some of which was made by him and some others copies from various sources...

and to tell u the fact ... most of his malayalam movies are also take off / inspired from english movies !!!

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RE:But Juhi Chawla is nearly 50 years old
by Desi on Apr 02, 2008 08:39 PM
It is a tribute to Punjabis if they are able to hide their age so well!!!

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RE:But Juhi Chawla is nearly 50 years old
by GOGO on Apr 03, 2008 12:31 AM
of course if he you ask a budaou his age, he will say 25. They rarely cross 30.

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Rediff is Biased????????????
by Mac on Apr 02, 2008 03:44 PM  | Hide replies

When Bhool Bhulaiyaa was About to Release Rediff Ran Entire Article about Bhool Bhulaiyaa Being Copy of Mallu Movie ManiChitraTazhu and Also Copy of ChandraMukhi.When Partner was About to Release, Rediff Ran an Article Saying it is Copy of Hitch.

But For SRK Movies There is No Mention Of Any Copy or Inspiration?????????????????

Before Running this Article, Rediff Should Have Mentioned that this Movie is COPY of Mallu Movie Kadha Parayumbol, Which is Also Being Remade in Telugu as Kucheludu and in Tamil as Kuselan, Which Has Rajnikanth Playing the Role of Mammoty as Guest Apperance.

Just Bcoz SRK is Going to Give Xclusive Interviews to Rediff and Pay them Money to Promote His CopyCat Venture, Rediff will Not Mention Anything.

The Raja Sen Will Come and Give it 4* Rating and Say Gr8.

This is Buisness and Not Art????????????????

Dont Be Hypocrite Calling it is a Piece of ART????????????????, It is Dhanda??????????

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chetan padmakar
RE:Rediff is Biased????????????
by chetan padmakar on Apr 02, 2008 04:00 PM
First, its no brainer for anybody that many movies are getting copied across nations. Now passing the buck that Hindi movie makers are copy cats or south indian movie makers are stealing hindi movie plots is insane. The fact is that you have countless examples when Hindi movies are being remade in south and vice versa. Why dont we just stop this insane Bollywood vs Tollywood fight and start taking pride in the fact that together we produce most number of movies in a year by any nation on the globe and leave the audience to decide what they want to watch...

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RE:Rediff is Biased????????????
by nisha on Apr 02, 2008 03:57 PM
rediff is nothing but a company headed by bunch of jokers,,.,.and spades

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suchorita dutta
RE:Rediff is Biased????????????
by suchorita dutta on Apr 02, 2008 03:59 PM
For Redigg guys..it may spell business....y crucify Bollywood folks for that

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shanta prabhakar
RE:RE:Rediff is Biased????????????
by shanta prabhakar on Apr 02, 2008 04:06 PM
Orey Mac,,don't make derogatory remarks like "Mallu Movie"..I am neither Malayalee..nor an admirer of Hindi3rd rated movies..Manichitra Taazhu was a calssical piece which no Hindi Director is capable of even re-making..Hindi film is all about Pyaar...Ishq...Mohabbat and then dum chimu...dum chiku...music...

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