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Dor is a must-watch

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Aarif Khilji
Women Empowerment
by Aarif Khilji on Mar 03, 2007 12:38 PM

Superb Cinema, the nuances of the indian culture and what the tryst with reality. Its time to change old customs and give women their right!!! This movies stands out at portraying a woman as a subject and as an object, The confluence of which will be etched for a long time.

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by rahul on Jan 17, 2007 12:46 AM

%u2018Dor%u2019 is a film that definitely ought to be seen once. The movie%u2019s theme is most relevant and the way it has been brought forth, without any melodrama and overblown emotions, is what makes the movie truly compelling. The dialogues are earthy and partly rooted in the local parlance. The background score (Padharo Maare Des) is just too good. The direction and acting performances are almost flawless.

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Abhishek Srivastava
Briliant movie !!!
by Abhishek Srivastava on Jan 16, 2007 06:20 PM

One of the best movie I have seen lately.

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by nisha on Dec 29, 2006 04:00 PM

The movie was really good.But i felt they can make a series of this movie i.e part 2 like what happens next in those lives

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Seems to be remake of Malayalam film
by Lakshmi on Dec 23, 2006 04:08 AM

I haven't seen "Dor" but the story seems to be the same as the Malayalam "Perumazhakkalam" (a time of heavy rain). That was a beautiful movie, starring Meera Jasmine and Kaavya Madhavan.

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Dor could have been more thorough.
by RaviVerma on Dec 21, 2006 07:02 PM

The movie tried to be different by picking a unique situation. There were too many loop holes and loose ends to be tied. You can watch it once but you cant send it to Oscars for sure. Nagesh has to pick the thorough script to be considered a serious film maker. I mean why would a female travel all the way to a different state to find out about a person she has not met. The address in Shankar's passport was fake. Would it have mattered if his wife's signature was also fake? Wouldnt someone come up with an alternative than send a female alone to a different state. Nagesh has to find more depth in more simpler plots than looking for weighty situations with too many logical loopholes. - R.

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ya ..Dor is must watch
by Archana on Nov 14, 2006 03:14 AM

ya ..Dor is must watch

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by Sumant on Nov 08, 2006 03:44 AM

Everything is so picture perfect...Best movie of this year!!!

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The reason why Nagesh copied from a Malayalam movie
by Renjith on Nov 03, 2006 09:43 AM

Rediff had placed "Perumazhakkalam" as no. 1 among the ten best Indian films of 2005.
Incidentally the no. 2 in the list was Iqbal...directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.
I guess he must have got inspired while reading that rediff article :P

He thought of remaking the movie that was rated above his critically acclaimed "Iqbal".

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Simply awesome
by Rajesh on Oct 29, 2006 11:30 AM

DOR was simply awesome, the only movie which had definite chance of winning the first OSCAR for India,I am surprised why this movie was overlooked by the selectors.

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