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Internet & the movie revolution

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Ken Sherman
The Internet Being a New Way to Distribute Films
by Ken Sherman on Feb 12, 2006 02:57 AM

The major studios have long made it very difficult for an independent
filmmaker to distribute their films. The Internet has opened a new
way to distribute a film to an even larger audience via the Internet.
Even skilled and successful filmmakers are taking a look look at this
method of distribution. In the not to distant future you will begin to
see film that were made exclusively for the Internet, This should be a
big plus for the creative talent that has been supressed by the major
studios. The my way or the highway attitude of the major studios will
have forced a conclusion that the highway may not be such a bad
way after all.

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Duru arun kumar
Interview of Ben Rekhi
by Duru arun kumar on Jan 18, 2006 12:35 PM

It was very refreshing and heartwarming reading Mr Rekhi's interview. He comes through as a very sensitive, simple and honest person. I am very impressed and would love to watch his films. I hope he inspires the younger generation and ofcourse my teenage children. My very best wishes to him

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Ankur Chadha
movie on Sikh Martyer
by Ankur Chadha on Jan 18, 2006 10:51 AM

Dear Rekhi,

I appriciate your work and thinking.I am not a big name .I am a low middle class in delhi struggling in life for bare essentials.But soon i come out of it then i am ready to give something to society.One thing is common that we all forget the martyer and the sacrifices given by our forfathers generation after genration.We need to portrate the same and build something and give it back to our generation so that they will remeber them.America ,Austraila ,British just have may be maximum 500 Years of History and they spread all the things to whole world by Hollywood.Do not go to hollywood and donot follow-up Bollywood.Create your own e-india-Movieworld.I think we can make 100 Brave-Heart movie Like Incdident of Mukektsar /BANDA BHADUR /Hari singh Nalua/Kartar singh Srabha/Bhagat Singh/Any other subject which we like all give the same message but the treatment to te subject should be justified by Heart .We should not follow-up/things should start following.Take technology and idea treatment from them but not subject treatment and Process.I have not seen your movie but if i wish go ahead and do a good work.Otherwise i will do it after 20 Years.
Regs and best of Luck.Ank

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