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Column: Why Omkara blew my mind

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Caste in Omkara
by A on Aug 04, 2006 12:20 PM

It's a very well-written article on a wonderfully well-made film. I was wondering though, that the caste aspect which is so prominently present in western UP should have been given more importance. Since the good vs evil in the Bard's original has been shown to be a race-sex complex, and not mere "passion" or "envy" sprouting from their 'roots' in the human soul. Had the race in Othello been translated adequately into caste-politics in Omkara, the film would have reached still greater heights of excellence.

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why omkara blew my mind
by anu on Aug 04, 2006 12:27 AM

dear raja,

you have described the film so well and the film is even better than the review. its a rare film that is so raw and yet has so much finnese. i loved it and so did all my friends. we've already seen the film 4 times. and cant understand why some people said its not liked by public. the public was in splits watching the film. because apart from tragedy, its actually a very funny film.

no one should listen to to prophets of doom.... people just watch the film yourself and decide for yourself.

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by gaurav on Aug 03, 2006 10:52 PM

raja i loved wht u said...but dont you think the dialect seemed a bit artificial...they wr tryng hard to get the accent right but only tht old lady and guy in truck cud say thngs rght.

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Omkara sux!!!
by Saju on Aug 03, 2006 07:29 PM

Horrible movie, even more horrible review... Kaliyattam (the mal version of othello) was like a million times better... Better luck next time vishal and the reviewer who ever u are....

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Santoshkumar D Bhat
Worst film ever
by Santoshkumar D Bhat on Aug 03, 2006 06:41 PM

Omkara what you call adaptation of othello is a worst film i have ever seen in my whole life. I dont know why critics are appreciating the effort. It is insult to serious cinema. Leave the language it is a weak screenplay which is hard to understand for a ordinary man who is just seeing the movie for entertainment. This is one part, but those who like serious cinema also will rate omkara as a waste dustbin. Ok Lets come to acting, standing seriously in front of the camera without talking a single word is not acting. Acting by all the actors are repetitative and boring. Ajay devgan is repetative and boring actors in the world today. Saif should stick to commercial things. All of the actors should refine their acting to stay in this field. Serious cinema should be seriously entertaining. Look at the films like black or sarkar whether it is novel or adaptation it doesent matter but it provides indepth analysis of serious aspects and knowledge. That is the way the film should be made. Vishal bhardwaj should learn from these directors or at least quit direction. Look at Page 3 for example whether it was not real. Everybody watched it. Overall Omkara is a badly made film.
Raja sen

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Sharad Thussu
Why we should watch Omkara
by Sharad Thussu on Aug 03, 2006 11:27 AM

Dear Raja sen,
Your article was apt and very well timed as I felt that the Indian audiences response to Omkara is not befitting--Its a very special movie and the 5 reasons you have mentioned are good enough to have a blast and get entertained-- But I think the audiences here correlate entertainment with comedy, laughs, thrills etc.,- Isnt good cinema the purest entertainment-- How does it matter if he has used expletives -- thats the way people talk in cities too, forget badlands of UP and Bihar-- We Indians have been spoiled by the mushy and candy floss but highly boring cinema from the likes of Karan Johars, Yash Chopras and many others-- Dear Vishal , you just cant help it-- but dont give up- we will mature some day -- Kudos for a great work of art!

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Prashant Rana
Mine too
by Prashant Rana on Aug 03, 2006 11:24 AM

I just watched omkara yesterday, because I could not get tickets on previous saturday,sunday & monday. (So much for box office lull) anyways the first dialogue by saif prepared me for what was about to come.

But everyone does not have the same taste, some people moved out inbetween and one of my friend wanted to sleep as he was bored. But for me and rest of my friends it was a great movie.

Just a few weeks before my friends were watching O (aka hollywood othello) and they were quite impressed by the story, at that point we did not knew that it was based on othello. As omkara was coming near i decided to search for othello and what it is all about. I got a summary but it was long i went to the last para to read about the scarf,etc and I immediately realised it resembled to O, on reading about othello in the rediff columns I got to know O was based on othello and it was amazing how Vishal bhardwaj has managed to adapt it on indian screens. Whenever indians try to copy they always flatter but I can say for this one that it was perfect.

Some films do not create Box office magic but are great, like Lakshya and even Maqbool.

Great watching!

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by barkha on Aug 03, 2006 11:02 AM  | Hide replies

The film blew your mind away and i am sure you do not have a mind at all.you are totally crab and you like mindless abusive language movies stop writing reviews

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by Jahan on Aug 08, 2006 05:09 PM
Crabby, barkha if you even have half a mind, please do not inflict it on us, please!

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