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Adoor''s best Indian films

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Adoor is right... But.......
by umesh on Jun 13, 2005 07:57 PM

hats off to rediff!! I think u should ask the likes of Mrinal Sen, Benegal, etc. also .It is very difficult to find best films in india coz of it divided into so many regional languages. In the lists so far presented by Rediff, the two lists worth merit are Adoor's and Theodore bhaskaran's lists. All though, Adoor completely omited his own and other malayalam films, i think his "Elipathhayam" and G. Aravindan's "Chidambaram" are worth to include in the lists. And i really surprised none of the lists included Mrinal sen's "Bhuvenshom" (dont know spelling right) which is one the first films that brought Neo - Realisam in Indian Cinema (along with "The News Paper Boy" (Malayalam) and Ray's "Pather Panjali").

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