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I know
by Reader on Jun 21, 2004 01:52 PM

"The heroes and villains come up with 90 minutes of silly but giddy entertainment. Give us a few more films like this one instead of the painful The Chronicles of Riddick (to mention just one), any day."

I know! It seems to me that Hollywood has lost track of what movies should be about. Hollywood movies are increasingly becoming nothing more than computer extravanganzas. You've got people flying from buildings, jumping on flying vampires, running over scorching planets, doing this, doing that, doing this, doing that - and in the end you wonder, What was the point of the movie? What was it about? Movies like Van Helsing/Day After Tomorrow/Riddick attract people on thier special affects alone. There stories are extremely weak - or non-existent. Movies should be about human beings - their trials, tribulations, joys, interactions, etc. Computer graphics should be used be used just to aid in telling the story. Hollywood seems to increasingly belive that special effects are the story.

Harry Potter 3/The Day After Tommorrow/The Chronicles of Riddick had terrible stories, and try to compensate with special effects.

Hollywood should go easy on the effects and tell simple stories.

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