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Watch Maqbool. It is class!

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This is the best movie of the year(s)
by machismo on Oct 08, 2004 12:55 AM

Not only this is the best movie of the year so far, its among the all time best in bollywood. The acting by all actors is top class, rarely seen in bollywood movies. The music, and background score enhances the storyline greatly. Tabu is great as the temptress, Irfan is great as the somewhat tragic hero, and pankaj kapoor deserves his national award. Its not your typical bollywood for sure and thank god for that. I will be looking forward to Vishal's fortcoming movies. I will have missed to mention a lot because there is so much great things about this movie, its hard to cover all. Watch it.

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Saeed Ahmed Khan
Irfan Khan ( SRK of Art Cinema)
by Saeed Ahmed Khan on Feb 21, 2004 02:41 PM

Irfan Khan has done it again. He is the Shahrukh Khan of Art Cinema,with his latest release he proved the same. Like SRK, we are watching Irfan from the TV Serial like Kahkashan, he always delivered his best. Maqbool is the quality apatation of McBeath, which credit goes to Vishal Bhardwaj.---- Saeeed..

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Re: Watch Maqbool. It is class!
by aumlan on Feb 19, 2004 07:56 PM

Maqbool is absolutely mind-blowing ! Kudos to Vishal Bharadwaj - the real hero, in my opinion, of the film. He has produced a masterpiece, which all cine-lovers can savour for ages to come.
Technically superlative, and with top-notch performances from all, literally all the actors, Maqbool is easily among the finest Hindi cinema has seen in the last five years(the only films that might come remotely close r Lagaan, Company, Pinjar, 3 Deewarein and Dil Chahta Hai).
A sincere plea to Vishal - plz keep up the fabulous work & continue treading off the beaten track, & plz don't let the box-office outcome affect your choice of films.

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Great movie
by Avianu on Feb 14, 2004 12:23 PM

Saw the movie and the review in rediff is more than accurate. Brilliant performances, emotions and story. Pankaj Kapoor is breathtaking.

I think it will get most of the critical awards.
Outstanding direction, and music.

I see why great movies are difficult to deliver, cause the audience are not available.

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by retour on Feb 06, 2004 11:41 PM

Very good film

The direction is clever, hollywood style. Acting is good, though Pankaj Kapoor does not look like a don.

Some scenes are memorable like Tabu & Irfan's + Om puri & Naser's interactions, the story narrated by Om Puri about how Abbaji became 'don': it is left to the viewers to imagine what must have happened inside the room, etc

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Samantha C.
Something is bothering me...
by Samantha C. on Feb 03, 2004 01:36 PM

Ms. Mennon's comment about Urdu is totally unacceptable. Urdu is as much a part of India as any other languages. So what if the nuances of the language is not know to her or some of her ignorant friends? Many of do not understand the Mumbai lingo or Punjabi, but we still watch movies heavily based on those lingos/languages. Maybe in future the reviewer will reconsider passing such biased jusdgements as she did this time about a beautiful language.

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Not class but crass
by Prabal on Feb 02, 2004 11:49 AM  | Hide replies

Wonder if the reviewer has seen the film! His review is clichéd and stinks of prejudice. Maybe he has visited few sites and gleaned itsy-bitsy from here and there and wrote a review which is totally false and baseless and misleads the viewer to such a degree that one may go and waste some good money on a bad movie. The movie is a total gutter and unbelievably boring with so many characters popping in and out without any proper explanation or coherent sequence. Though male actors have done a somewhat plausible job. The women actors have severely let down. Beginning with Tabu as an Indian incarnation of Lady Macbeth - absolutely fails to convince the viewer of the subtle villainy of the character. Tabu looks very mature in the film with lines firmly etched on her face she has gained weight and waddles like a duck and thus nullifying the frightful effect of the character and reducing it to a mere caricature. The costume designer must be shot dead for he had made the already fat Tabu look positively obese. There is another creature which the director in all his puny wisdom let loose to horrify audiences and she is called Masumi ( Sameera, Abbuji daugher). I am yet to see such an ugly creature with the exception of Kareena! She jumps, talks, smiles ( black gums visible) and dances like a being taken over by a spirit. Her sheer ugliness is one the great mysteries for which the director must be taken to task. No motion coordination, no talent coupled with no looks creates a monster that is Masumi. The film will be a box-office disaster and also slap on the face of reviewers like Imran Khalifa who have their own agenda and vested interests firmly on place instead of analytical decimation of the film or any film for that matter. A liar and a third grade scoundrel!

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Message deleted by moderator
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miya maqbool
by moviebuff on Feb 02, 2004 10:46 AM

miya maqbool ke dard ko samjho yaar. i disagree with the idea that if a person is underworld they can't have qualms about killing someone who has practically been a father to them. who has been generous to them inspite of no blood relation.

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sharing views on reviw of maqbool
by vikram on Feb 01, 2004 04:54 PM  | Hide replies

Friend, Plz don't tell basic story while giving a review ..else we aren't going to read next time before going to a movie!

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RE:sharing views on reviw of maqbool
by Tushar on Mar 24, 2004 12:54 PM
Hey Aumlan,

Thats a good message.

Nice to know someone who thinks alike.


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Ritesh T
It just dosent leave an impression
by Ritesh T on Feb 01, 2004 04:44 PM

I agree with the review that Irfan Khan just is not able to bring out the emotions. His face looks quite wooden after Abbaji's death. Secondly the film is too small. another 30 minutes, showcasing the torment that each character goes through would have left more of an impression. For me the best performance of the cast will have to be by Pankaj Kapoor. He does the role with a lot of conviction. A movie is a good movie when after coming out of the theatre it still occupies ur mind for some time. After i saw the movie i didnt care a damn about what happenned to Maqbool. Comparisons are bound to be made and when we do compare it with Satya, i had a hard time sleeping the night i watched satya. There is nothing in the movie that can be pointed out as bad, but it just dosent hit the bulls eye. out of 5 points i would give it 3

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