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sanjeev shrivastava
by sanjeev shrivastava on May 09, 2018 12:10 PM

Hight of shamelessness, she is giving press conference instead of resigning.The board members selected by her seem to have been paid well.She must be taking care of some foreign visits of Modi.

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shiladityatapaskumar mukherjee
Cheat Bank
by shiladityatapaskumar mukherjee on May 09, 2018 02:20 AM

Please have refunded Rs 16554/= back to my A/C right away & oblige with all penalties & daemarrages & Interests bla bla bla.

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edgar menezes
Cheat bank
by edgar menezes on May 08, 2018 10:07 PM

Beware of this sweet talking,fraud bank whose only agenda is to fool and loot its customers. Please do not bank with ICICI. For anything you will only face harrasement and false assurances all the way.

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dev sak
Get rid of her
by dev sak on May 08, 2018 07:58 PM

I write as an ICICI Account holder. I have no confidence in a CEO who has lots of question marks over her conduct and should be removed immediately.

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Useless CEO
by Dams on May 08, 2018 05:16 PM

What a useless CEO who works for here family..

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