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RBI revises framework to resolve stressed bank accounts

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by Ashwin (View MyPage) on Feb 14, 2018 07:47 AM

All these Monitors will not work to cut down NPAs. You must know right tool for hard work. Ask all NPA a/c holders, to start Sweeping the Bank, clean the toilets etc., alongwith their family members (since all of them enjoyed the bank's/public money) & the wages will be adjusted to their accounts, whatever rate. They have to do cleaning job since they have proved themselves misfits as MDs in their own companies & cant be trusted with Public Money. You will see 99% of the NPAs will be cleared in no time. No industry must be permitted to shut shop & sell their assets (particularly land) at markets since that should go to the workers. Also revive the industry (if possible which should be the first option) & make workers shareholders. Things will certainly change.

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