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Why this fund manager wants to quit

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Aji John
Who moved my cheese?
by Aji John (View MyPage) on Nov 15, 2017 10:47 AM

Demonetisation and its effect on financial behaviour of investors will lead to re-calibration of value buying benchmarks. All, need to change to the changed environment.

Writers like yourself at regular intervals need to show the mirror to instill sense and hopefully thereby steer away from icebergs. As, without doubt our 1.2 bn headcount need a sensible robust economy to sustain & thrive on. Thank you for a good read, bon voyage and regards to your mother.

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murli menon
what a clear message
by murli menon (View MyPage) on Nov 13, 2017 11:41 AM

Mudar... wow! I am impressed. Rather than writing an article on why Indian markets are overpriced, you have chosen to express it with a bit of emotion, large does of logic and total reality. Its rare that one finds such a sane voice amidst the din of this bull market.

You are right.. the hero are the masses that put in the money and of course the ship is on auto cruise. Nothing can sink the Titanic.. until the iceberg stuck.

This P/e of this market is north of 27 and every fund manager who comes on business channels, social media and newspapers keeps justifying that the bullmarket has just begun.

Good for showing the mirror and having the guts to express yourself. And one more thing.. remember to key in another article encouraging investors when the markets crash off and its all doom and gloom.

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