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GST rates finalised for services; education, healthcare exempt

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125 crore public you pay the taxes not sellers or industry
by newa (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2017 09:36 AM

Industry collects the taxes from 125 crore public to pay to government as government does not want direct enemity-with public.

government uses industry and sellers to collect taxes from 125 crore public.

Even beggars and poor pay all taxes indirectly.
The sellers pay taxes temperorily and recover it from public when the goods are sold. So ultimately it is 125 crore public who is paying not the seller or the industry.

Final buyer is 125 crores public who has to pay all these taxes.

Public pays the GST and works more hours leaving family and children and have to work more to pay the taxes.

When GST and taxes are more it is charged to the 125 crores public. Industry is only in a few lakhs but entire cost and burden comes on public.

So any taxes service charges, state GST and central GST, house tax, aadhar tax, income tax, pan card tax, wealth tax is paid by 125 crore public. When you elect a wrong-prime minister or president or mp or mla or wrong party 125 crore public pays for it. toll tax road tax and other taxes are also recovered from public indirectly. Imagine if you were to pay these taxes directly you would not want to livee

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The present format of OBC reservations are empowering criminals.
by NEO HITLER (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 01:14 PM

The present format of OBC reservations are empowering criminals.

1 OBC YadavMadarChodh gov employee cheated me 1 lac. I am practicing witchcraft so that he, his wwife, 2 sons and 1 daughter may die in accidents or some other freak incidents.

Yadav criminals must be removed from the OBC list.

Yadav criminals, Jat criminals, Ahir criminals, Gujjar criminals, Patel criminals, etc are not real OBCs. You ask them: they claim they are Kshatriyas. That is why they have surname Singh. They are real criminals.

Recently, I saw a 30YearOld JatMaadharChodh kickking and thrashing a 55YearOld gentlemen over a petty argument whereas the mistake was on the part of JatMaadharChodh.

Last year a JatMaadharChodh was arrested for raping a northeast girl in Delhi.

Recently JatMaadharChodhs destroyed Rs 25,000 crores worth properties while agitating for reservations. And they are among the most prosperous people in Haryana and Delhi.

A few months back in a restaurant, I saw a GujjarMaadharChodh flaunting an unlicensed pistol in his pocket and talking loudly.

Now PatidarMaadharChodhs, who are among the most prosperous people, want reservations under OBCs.

In fact, in the guise of 'Champions for the cause of OBCs' these criminals using reservations are becoming Class 1 officials, IAS officers & other gov officials, Ministers, Chief Ministers, etc

First remove these criminals from OBC list and then reduce OBC reservations to 20%.

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Kushal Qanungo
by Kushal Qanungo (View MyPage) on May 19, 2017 07:48 PM

No tax on Healthcare, Education and Lottery. Govt is encouraging people to play lottery. Very Intersting.

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