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IT jobs: Worst challenge ahead

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See this, their's a project which serves everyone in India
by manisha (View MyPage) on May 21, 2017 02:06 PM

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Software Engineer's problems
by KARAN (View MyPage) on May 16, 2017 08:59 AM  | Hide replies

Job loss is a serious issue ,tending to become a social issues soon.Hence companies with a large revenue earned in the past,must redkill the present work force and reduce the salaries if required,across the entire work force allowing all to survive for better times ahead.Removng people with 5to10 years experience will be u fair and unethical

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stanis ravel
Re: Software Engineer's problems
by stanis ravel (View MyPage) on May 16, 2017 01:56 PM

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Re: Re: Software Engineer's problems
by (View MyPage) on May 20, 2017 10:12 AM
Bullshit,when Trump takes stingent measures to employ americans and skilled workers ,naturally the demand in indian IT sector bound to come down,as they need to recurit americans to stay up.Why you are blaming out gobvernment?

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