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Ramendra Sinha
Corruption not to end.
by Ramendra Sinha (View MyPage) on Feb 18, 2017 01:13 PM

IT gives clean chit, case closure and full refund in record time of hundreds of crores cash seized during raids.

The crucial diaries and documents seized are also declared bogus.

They also go on record to contradict SEBI by making a self assessment that the millions of investors of a chit fund company are all genuine.

They give amnesty to the rich and corrupt and all those with huge incomes avoiding to come under their radar but are coercive towards the honest tax payers.

Instead of sending text messages (love notes) to 9 lac tax evaders, they should have seized their accounts and then informed them to claim the same post scrutiny by ED/Appellate Tribunals.

By giving them time they will be allowed to fudge their accounts, create bogus back dated transactions or withdraw the money and disappear from the radar once again.

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