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The world's best cities for young people

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Pat Thakur
That white patch is at the right place on the tee.....
by Pat Thakur (View MyPage) on Aug 09, 2014 04:56 PM

Or is the tee torn?

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vivek ranjan
NBest Cities for Youth means Boozing in India
by vivek ranjan (View MyPage) on Aug 01, 2014 06:42 AM

I feel very funny that in India boozing is the only thing they have for Youth. It seems Rediff has removed another city at 16th positions and replaced it with Mumbai. How come the writer knows the name of the person in the Image. Is this poll conducted by rediff or some other source. If it is copied from someother source then they must refer to the source. Other wise it is basically cheating. Writer must have passed his exams by copying.

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Writer needs to elaborate on this headline
by am (View MyPage) on Feb 24, 2014 04:06 AM  | Hide replies

May be for young men. NONE of the Indian cities are safe for women, especially young women.

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sangram singh
Re: Writer needs to elaborate on this headline
by sangram singh (View MyPage) on May 22, 2014 02:37 AM
Dear ,i think your statistics is wrong regarding safety in India,pls check the status of other countries,then you would proud to be an Indain.

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Maruti Rokade
Re: Re: Writer needs to elaborate on this headline
by Maruti Rokade (View MyPage) on Aug 23, 2014 10:54 AM

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Not a single city from scandinevia?
by Rajendra (View MyPage) on Feb 22, 2014 11:22 PM

I donn understand why Copenhagen or for that matter Oslo or Helsinki did not find a place.

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What about Islamabad?
by yaqubmashi (View MyPage) on Feb 21, 2014 04:08 AM

What about Peshawar?
We Talibs are active.

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False rankings...
by Ravi (View MyPage) on Feb 21, 2014 01:42 AM

How can Tokyo be rated so high? Aging population is a national crisis all over Japan.

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More Nightclubs
by deepak (View MyPage) on Feb 21, 2014 12:54 AM

boils down to the more nigh spots you have for safe cavorting and drug use, the better the city for young people. Lagos, is a dangerous and chaotic city, how could this even be in the list??

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