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India's 7 most corrupt industries

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upman singh
why Pharmacetuical and agriculture is left
by upman singh (View MyPage) on Jun 02, 2011 08:57 PM  | Hide replies

I believe Pharmaceutical & Agriculture is the biggest corrupt in India ,because they directly play with the life of human being.
It is barely discussed and exposed that these two industries are run by Mafias,you may remember the fake medicine breaking news (no one was hangged in any case so far),unnecessary diagnosis by every private and government hospitals(force to get private tests and scanning most of the time)and 99.5% results are ok(so virtually not required and that shows the poor quality of doctors clinical investigations)
unnecessary burden of medicines whether required or not ( there are no standard protocol of management in most of the Indian premier hospitals),remember patients were kept on multiple trial(now some rule has been made but are you aware?),substandard manufacturing facilities in India ? why ? ,multitimes cost of medicines marketed by Mutinationals to their competitors from India (why ?)
no check on side effects of medicines ,any one can give add of their medicine on the name of paublic welfare by just putting avoid self medictaion or in the public interseted by manufacturer of the ...Medicine why it is never evaluted they are going to kill millions (uses of steriods for contraception is brilliet example of different types of cancers in females)
promotion of fertilizers(made land unfertile after excessive use), hybridised seed (made formers of no use for its recycle),insectiside/pesticide(are killingevery day in terms of kidney faioure

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ak sharma
Re: why Pharmacetuical and agriculture is left
by ak sharma (View MyPage) on Jun 04, 2011 10:07 AM
i appreciate your views. you will get more authentic information and solutions, if you listen to the CD's of late sh Rajiv Dixit ji of Bharat Swabhiman. you may get it from patanjali Chikitsalya or any senior member of patanjali Yog Samiti in your town.

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Re: why Pharmacetuical and agriculture is left
by establishment (View MyPage) on Jun 03, 2011 04:08 PM
The oil companies are publicly looting public's money in the name of increase in world wide increase. This is also corruption in another way.
Should this way of duping people not be included as corruption?

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ak sharma
Re: Re: why Pharmacetuical and agriculture is left
by ak sharma (View MyPage) on Jun 04, 2011 10:03 AM
yes it is a corruption run by Govt of India as each hike of one rupee gives 50 paisa in the form of variou taxes

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manoj kumar
let openness be in comapny, it will take care of curruption
by manoj kumar (View MyPage) on Mar 21, 2011 05:49 AM  | Hide replies

all industry that has been under govt contorl is currupt, lezy. look at the banks. moment they came out of govt control. now they serve people lik hotel. now they have to compete with others to atract customers. thats secret.
openness and market competition. this 2 will get rid of dirt. we should let road, train, our civic problem of municipality. all should be made free of govt control. let professional, private run it with help of govt. otherwise it will be full of curruption and dirt. making our life miserable.

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Re: let openness be in comapny, it will take care of curruption
by establishment (View MyPage) on Jun 03, 2011 04:06 PM
do you think private enterprises are not corrupt?

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IT should be number 1
by bb (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 11:56 PM

Look at the number of people from one particular state faking their way into companies...

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I would rather
by solnishka_108@rediffmail.com (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 11:42 PM  | Hide replies

I would rather look at the problem from a different angle. From the angle of the tax payer. And please read on ............ why would someone want to pay tax if he clearly does not understand where the money is going. And its an open secret that most of the tax-monies are going into the pockets of the Netas and for this reason why should I pay tax at all? Isn't it logical to think. Another important part of this problem is that the taxes are un-reasonable. And so the best way is to invoice from a tax-haven and move money to that account/country. The only solution to this problem is bring in accountability into the system and reduce the size of taxation by at least 10 times and you will see that everyone will start pro-actively paying taxes.

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Re: I would rather
by establishment (View MyPage) on Jun 03, 2011 04:13 PM
corruption is in our minds. we need to talk of that too, otherwise we are touching the issue superficially. can you not see how Anna Hazare started and how even celebrities supported? and now, the PM, the cabinet etc. are going to be out of lokpal bill's purview. Yet we are silent. Seemingly, Anna Hazare himself is silent.

Root out corruption from within first to speak of routing out corruption.

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mrinal kanchan
Corruption - India
by mrinal kanchan (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 05:50 PM

People are so thick skin
As per the experts it is approx $462 billion were gone to TAX HEAVENS - If you consider even half of this amount is gone out you can imagine how much corruption we have in our Country. Responsible people in our country says I AM NOT AWARE OF ANYTHING WRONGE DONE TILL NOW?????
God Help This Country- Please

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alok Misra
Level of Corruption in India
by alok Misra (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 05:39 PM

There is huge level and I believe that Balck money is three to four times the white money.We can keep writing on the subject and keep doing arguments but the fact is thatr govt policies and corruption at each rank has been resppoonsibile for aiding and abetting this problem
In fact so grave is the problem that I believe that in a years time white money will lose all significance and next time around we may meet a situation like that in Mexico.Govt has to crack dowm very harshly on Black marketeers ansd Black money holders.

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Real Estate and Telecommunication top 2 corrupt
by howudoudo (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 10:19 AM

Both sectors work on manipulation of rules and regulations - that is they require close proximity to pay bribes to bureaucrats and politicians - thats why the main cos in these sectors are based out of our capital city New Delhi - what a shame. No value to the customer - profits earned by manipulation rules and regulation.

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arun mehta
Stud farming
by arun mehta (View MyPage) on Mar 20, 2011 08:31 AM

How about stud farming.Don't take my word,but Hasan Ali has proved it's worth

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