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Murthy''s 4-pt plan for education

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Future of India
by kumar (View MyPage) on Aug 17, 2006 08:02 PM

I agree that there are changes needed in the Education system. But there are more important issues we need to look at. How do we keep the India moving (economic sense) 15 years from now? Mr. Murthy and Co. should stop complaining about each and everything about the country and start looking at themselves. What have they done? All they have done is exploited the cost advantage India has compared to other countries. We are losing this advantage every day. All the jobs flowing into India will stop as soon as we lose this advantage. People will look for cheaper countries. I request Mr. Murthy and Co. to tell us about what products they are engineering that they can sell to the world - How much money they spend on research projects? What are the results?

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All Reviews: Critics
by G (View MyPage) on Jul 31, 2006 12:26 PM

Well, all u guys do is criticize the ideas and modify the points. Give the credit to the guy who devised this plan and jolt the points on paper. All the 4 pts seem valid. How do we make these reach our govt. is the question.


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Murthy 4-pt plan for educ
by labrea (View MyPage) on Jul 31, 2006 06:29 AM

Mr Murthy is right on the money re: higher education. But the real culprit, which is not being addressed, is the abysmal lack of good primary education by the majority of the populace. It's time the federal govt stepped up to the plate and changed the constitution making the federal govt primarily responsbile for primary education - the states will directly administer the system while the feds provide the funds, set the agenda and oversee the implemenation. It must be a carrot and stick system - the feds provide the carrots and the states, if they don't deliver, gets the big stick. Yes, a total overhaul of the entire education system is way overude. Also, to put thier money where their mounths are, India Inc must also step up to the plate and pool their resources to create an education super-fund, to mitigate against the possible shortage of skilled workers - talk alone will not do.

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Ranjith Prabhu
Focused action plan needed
by Ranjith Prabhu (View MyPage) on Dec 28, 2005 11:18 AM

We need focused approach for the indian education in totality.
* The higher education should focus more on research and knowledge building capabilities. Corporates can defenitely contribute.
*The institutions should try to be self sustainable, which should be through research,publishing activities which can generate revenues.
*The higher education curriculum should provide enough space for the student to involve in projects/study/part time job which will help to sustain the educational fees.
*The government should more focus on providing basic primary education through better infrastructure, better teaching facilities.
*The government schools can adopt some job oriented curriculum which will also be educative and revenue generating

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privatize education?
by idiot (View MyPage) on Dec 27, 2005 10:32 AM

"2. Private funding

Many prestigious American institutions such as MIT and Stanford are funded almost entirely by private money. Our government is facing an era of lack of funds. "
btw akshata murthy is from stanford and rohan murthy is from cornell and mr nrn is one of the trustees of cornell and on the advisory board of stanford. if such institutes are being privately funded what are the chances that the admission procedure would be free and fair?!?!?!

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Rahul Kulkarni
Point taken. Not quite!
by Rahul Kulkarni (View MyPage) on Dec 25, 2005 08:48 PM

I agree eith your points except the first one of liberising education. Given the corruption in various sectors, we do not want it to get in education. Several autonomous institutions mean several bogus degrees and bogus graduates. That is the last thing we need. The regulatory guidelines are fine but we all know the rules and laws can be bended whichever way beneficial for the wealthy party.

And speaking of private funding, charity begins at home!

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Nothing new
by vtraj (View MyPage) on Dec 24, 2005 02:44 PM

None of Murthy's suggestion is new to us.The basic flaw in our society is that it get carried away by the lure of money, power and status.What else could be the reason when our young bright students join IT courses to earn salary unthinkable in other professions.Can India(read our education system)progress if it continues to neglect science whose unhindered application alone can solve the problems of our society.Even assuming that IT coslike Infosys and Wipro has generated employment opportunities what is their contribution to the general public at large. Nothing.Have they patented any product of their own? All what these cos do is nothing but low end jobs for the west but projecting in front of others as if they do wonderful tech jobs. Can Infosys and Wipro stand alongside Microsoft or HP as far as original thinking and product is concerned. Media should not make a mountain out of a mloe hill by projecting people like Narayanamurthy. Real progress of Indian villages and cities can happen only when creativity is encouraged in our educational system and study of science gets its due share.Till then our youngsters think that getting a job in IT and flying to US are enough in life.

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by Subha (View MyPage) on Dec 24, 2005 11:32 AM

The Article is good and very informative.I feel that the present rerservation policy in education system will bring down the quality in education system.Once Mr.Narayan Murthy himself said " If more people want to be listed in backward class for Reservation facility how will our country march forward".
In this connection my view is that-Resevation facility is an oppotunity given.It shall be given only once and shall extend to the poor backward class people .

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suresh kumar s v
by suresh kumar s v (View MyPage) on Dec 24, 2005 01:08 AM

well, Mr. Murthy can be any thing, but he has to realize that education is not business. I fully support govt backing education. Look at US. Students have to pay tons of money to get good education. Since they cant pay, they drop out. Indian education is lagging not because of lack of competition, but because of politics. I think if Mr. Murthy so much concerned about quality of the education, he should give a call to erase bureaucracy and politics from the campuses. Dynamic syllabus, efficient teaching and improving the opportunities for educated people are the way to sustain good education. Not privatizing it and then making it corporate. So what these people want govt to be. Just collect taxes and go for wars ??
Govt has a rold in defining system and society. It just cant wash away its responsibilities. Healthcare,e ducation and justice should be available to all, but not to just those who have money. Every one knows how much corportates can corrupt the govts and/or muzzle customers cum consumers.
Well i am against corporating education in india. Education should be available to all. But yes, we need to get rid of politics etc from the campuses. That these people cant do any way

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