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Engineering grads, Rs 3.9 million is the top starting salary this year!

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mukesh pasupuleti
Can not be True news
by mukesh pasupuleti on Sep 11, 2018 11:28 AM

The parents have to be very careful with this type of information. It is a common practice of the private university to boost their package, so that on this name they can charge the new joining student and collect a higher amount in the form of fees. During one travel, I was told by an ex-employee of private college, and retired Govt employee, the salary for the some student is actually paid by university in the name the companies. Their names are highlighted by the university and highly advertised. In nutshell, it is scam, where the university (new students with higher payments) and the companies (as it gets free manpower, convert their money into black money) are benefitted.
I think, a study should be done on the students, who are claimed to got a higher package or got the company placements in last 10 year and their profiles today. I will not be surprised, if I find that more 90% of students are without jobs or earning the half the amount their counterparts who are from lower tier colleges or Govt University. I think this can a good project for the investigative journalism students or an eye opener for the people, who fall in the trap of the so called elite private colleges.

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Ashok Sapre
Engineering students and placement
by Ashok Sapre on Sep 10, 2018 06:25 PM

It is not necessary that pn;y IITANS get good placements. Of course they re the preferred ones. There are other engineering colleges of good repute in our country and their students also get lucrative placements. Point here is the quality of education and quality of students who get admissions in the various engineering colleges which have mashroomed in evere lane and bye lane of this country.

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Jaideep Das
Engineering graduate s
by Jaideep Das on Sep 10, 2018 05:09 PM

When country progress all these news happen.All due to modiji and his direction towards a progressive India.

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