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Sureshchand Gupta
loose/synthetic underwear not good for your health
by Sureshchand Gupta (View MyPage) on Oct 05, 2018 10:50 AM

The indian Wrestler wore langot. It is much scientific because it is bound titely around your waist which helps in every type of work, jumping you can do anything. In India as soon as the child start ghootano ke bal chalna from that time onward one thagdi is bound around the waist. You might have seen Bhagwan Sri Krishna in his child hood. I am sure those who wear this type Kachha even women will not face any problem of back pain, sitica, or harnia, prostate enlargment, urinatry problem etc even in the old age. One more thing always takeing or extracting any liquid or solid must do in the Indian sitting style. Last but not the least in the case of liquid your left(chander swar is working and in the case of solid your Right(surya war is working. for more please listen Rajiv Dixit and Sant shri Asaram ji Bapu on website www.Ashram.org

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