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Mrinal Dasgupta
Low-Calorie diet
by Mrinal Dasgupta on Sep 29, 2010 05:18 AM  | Hide replies

I am 69 . I'm affected be degenerative diseases like AMD, COPD, Osteo-Arthritis, high BP, syncope, and lately with marginally high total cholesterol, and ureic acid at 8.0 units. I'm active desk-worker, mostly writing and advising researchers in my field.
People advice diets as preventive ones.
I urge upon experts to provide diets for people like me.

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Robert Rajan
Re: Low-Calorie diet
by Robert Rajan on Sep 29, 2010 01:33 PM
My Dear Friend,
If you really have these complications; please seek professional help such as from a dietcian or nutritionist.

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bvs padma
Reduce calories
by bvs padma on Sep 28, 2010 06:34 PM  | Hide replies

Can you suggest ways to reduce calories?

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Shyam Sunder
Re: Reduce calories
by Shyam Sunder on Oct 02, 2010 08:10 PM
Not very difficult. You simply have to move your head twice each time thrice a day.

When somebody offer you breakfast, lunch or dinner simply move your head left to right and right to left twice.

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Re: Reduce calories
by MUKESH KUMAR on Sep 29, 2010 11:25 AM
Very Simple tips I am giving you to reduce calories even you can reduce your tummy.
1) Always take food like medicine. Medicine means, you should be particully about your food. Even it is so tasty do not increase quanity. Secondly instead of taking one time full tummy take the food into intervels at least 4-5 times in a day
3)after having meal or breakfast or dinner you should take hot drinks like tea/coffee but without the sugar or very less sugar you may use.4)Do not eat rice in night even in day time yo should not eat full rice. Rice should be with Chapti. Rice should take as taste not for all. Do not sleep in day time. after having meal do not go for sex. Try to avoid lift upto 4th floor. try to avoid easy life. try to avoid transportation up to 3 k.m Try to avoid oilly items. Finally I would like to say less eating more life and more eating less life. Specially for calories, what are calories you are consuming, you should burn it through walking atleast 5 k.m in day with fast walk. One more thing in last try to avoid all the sweet & milk product in daily life. Once in a week you can use it.

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Chuttad Prasad
Re: Re: Reduce calories
by Chuttad Prasad on Oct 02, 2010 04:43 PM
by practicing all this one can reduce extra weight even in 1 month

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