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Is the ''first lady'' joining BJP?

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Anil Panikar
First Lady & ''The Statesmen''
by Anil Panikar on Feb 24, 2004 10:49 AM

Dr. Najma Heptullah's praise for the Prime Minister is indeed noteworthy. It is a respect to Indian parliamentary democracy that made Dr. Najma qualifies in the first place to represent as the First Lady from India. I wish express my sincere gratitude to both The Honorable President of India Dr. Abdul Kalaam and the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee for this statesmanlike deed. These are the qualities of "Statesmen". When India won the 1971 war, in the Lok Sabha, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee praised the then prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. During the Prime Ministership of Shri P. V Narsimha Rao the then leader of the opposition Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee represented as the leader of the country. Mr. Salman Khursid the then Minister of External Affairs showed remarkable maturity by working under Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. History is testimonial of the results of the debate and a triumphant Leader of the Opposition who represented as the leader of being congratulated by Shri P.V Narsihma Rao. Dr. Najma Heptullah has been an iconic figure when in the chair in Rajya Sabha. It is time we say we are proud Indians and Mother India gives birth to great Statesmen. - JAI HIND! JAI HIND! JAI HIND!

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Rtn.Mito Lollen
Thanks to Najma Heptulah joining BJP
by Rtn.Mito Lollen on Feb 24, 2004 07:51 AM

Dear Sir,

All moderate and right thinking Muslim should ought to think in the line of Madam Najma Heptulah.This is the only way to live in harmony not by dispute, discord or hatred. We must think of nation first and individual later. We all have full appriciation for Our leader Atalji who has atleast caring the minorities as well as loving the nation then all others.


Rtn. Mito.

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First Lady
by amjad on Feb 23, 2004 07:25 PM

It doesn't effect anything to congress as many people were leaving congress and joining BJP. This is all about power or chair. This is only way she is going to achieve because she has many desires to be fulfill.

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Dr Bhimarao.Sathyanarayanan
the first lady joining BJP
by Dr Bhimarao.Sathyanarayanan on Feb 22, 2004 07:31 PM

first line leaders deserting the parent political party is not new in Indian political scenario. That is what Jagajivanram did in 1977 by leaving Indira Gandhi. Here, if Nazma joins BJP definitely it is a moral victory to BJP in several aspects.

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Zaheen Usmani
Mrs.Heptullah suggestion
by Zaheen Usmani on Feb 22, 2004 06:46 PM

Sir,Its folly that Mrs.Najma Heptullah trying to convence press reporters about the existence of Mandir at the Babri Masjid.Mrs.Heptullah perhaps can tell any thing about Muslim and their Mosques just for a seat of Chairperson,but neither the Urdu press nor the Muslims will accept her suggestion until the court finalise the dispute.Mrs.Heptullah is not an expert of history let Court prevail justice.

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by seema on Feb 22, 2004 06:05 PM

Najma wants to save her mothers bunglow at Ahmedabad Palace Road which she is trying to convert into a hotel .Since the Gov. now is of BJP she has to join it otherwise she has to part with her Crore of property.

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First Lady
by sandeep on Feb 22, 2004 04:34 PM

Vajpayee should have sent Soniya Gandhi for the "First Lady" meet. Imagine a scenerio where Soniya ji comes back and talks positive about Atal Ji. India would have really shined on that day.

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surekha tenneti venugopal
Let her just go- and she's no First Lady !
by surekha tenneti venugopal on Feb 22, 2004 03:56 PM

Najma Heptullah, a grand niece of one of the fathers of Indian independence, Maulana Azad, has not only done nothing to do justice to her pedigree, she has merely been a self-seeking, self-absorbed woman very undeservedly given charge of the Rajya Sabha for so long.
From the moment she did not find the Vice President's Office fall into her expansive lap, she fumed at the Congress for not forcing the crown upon her, and has been sulking, giving many feelers of her angst and its consequences- that of her leaving the congress and joining the enemy, the BJP !
The congress will be well rid of her- the BJP too will soon find out, she's indisciplined, politically zuk,and merely useless baggage to any party.
Surekha Tenneti Venugopal

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by kshitij on Feb 22, 2004 02:02 PM

it indicate that its the time for congress to analyze their political strategy and it's the high time for the muslim community to realize that BJP is also a party which can lead the country as well as all the communities of the country. And it is the time for muslim for believing in SARV DHARM SAMBHAV. If nazma mam is going to join BJP it will be an ideal for other muslim fundamentalists. And it will be a lesson for communists who always abuses BJP for their policies. Now what they will say on this step of a reformist muslim leader.

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