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Ganguly''s form worries BCCI boss

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G Mookerjee
by G Mookerjee (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2005 07:04 AM

If Brian Lara in the midst of prolific form can lose his captaincy,whatever be the reason for it,Ganguly surely does not merit a plce in the team in his present form.He has to claw his way back to the side by starting with club cricket and Ranji Trophy cricket or else haang up his bat.

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Akshay Sharma
by Akshay Sharma (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 07:31 PM

All these corrupted lunatics should be asked to put a BCCI website in its place. It is unfathomable why nobody, including government is raising this point. No common man knows how exactly BCCI functions. It is like a family running a illegal business behind scene.

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Ganguly must b made to play more of first class cricket
by rohan (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 07:05 PM

I strongly oppose Ganguly's inclusion into the team straight away after his 6 match suspension is over.He ,just like other players,must b asked 2 do well in first class cricket and only then shud b back in the team.Is he greater than the country? the way BCCI has handled him shows that he has been pampered too much.It is definitely not gud for Indian cricket.First of all..Mr Dalmiya shud not b allowed 2 interfere into any of the team meetings...y is he still there in the management?and its now an open secret that Ranbir Singh Mahendra is the Pres. for just name sake...and a puppet in the hands of Dalmiya.Indian cricket seems b going no where ...and its very sad that even after being the unofficial religion of India..we dont get the desired results often!

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S Raman
by S Raman (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 05:48 PM

There is no need to show any soft corner either for Gangully or Tendulkar in the selection of Team. They have been failing match after matches. Both of them should play leauge/domestic Cricket, prove their form and fitness and then only be considered. No one should be allowed to take things for granted, based on their past performance long time back. At present both are miserable flops. Let the Selectors and the new Coach concentrate on the remaining players and pick up players of talent. Enough time has been given to both Saurov/Sachin and both have not improved a bit to warrant selection. Inspite of their miserable performance, if the Selectors include them in the Team, then God will also not save Indian Cricket.

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Kanan Iyer
Ganguly Captains India for 2008
by Kanan Iyer (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 03:34 PM

DADA" just one Century against Bangaladsh/ Kenya/Zimbabwe."You will be reigned as a Captain for next 4 years"..A Pathetic State..On the contrary players like Micheal Bevan,Bret Lee,Symonds are "IN n OUT" of Aussie side.Thats why We call them "Champion of Champions".Aussies belive in Performamce and Deliverables but Indian cricket team believe in @#$% ...Its tough to explain!

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Yogendra Rawat
Futur Captain of Indian Cricket team
by Yogendra Rawat (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 02:14 PM  | Hide replies

If someone is reading this then please make SACHIN as a captain he is the only one who can keep the team united and lead them with an example.....

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S Raman
RE:Futur Captain of Indian Cricket team
by S Raman (View MyPage) on Jun 19, 2005 08:24 AM
Sachin is unfit, inconsistent and cannot play all the shots in the book due to his elbow problem. Oflate, he is in a dilemma whether to attack or defend and in the process commits too many mistakes and gets out cheaply. He has become mentally weak. India does not need such a Captain or player in the team. We need physically cent percent fit and mentally sound players to play attacking Cricket all the while. Thats the order of the day. Its time, Sachin quits gracefully, without playing for records anymore !!!!
He can continue to make money by appearing in Commercials as he will not find a competitor in this field !!!

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Vijay B R
Ganguly's form as a Captian
by Vijay B R (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2005 02:07 PM

Saurav Ganguly as a captain is a source of spirit to the national team but as a player he is under captaincy pressure, but i think he is improving now a days ( with ref to his Performance in recent County Matches ).

He has the capacity to lead the Indian Cricket team to its sporting zenith.

Any step by BCCI towards replacing Gangluy will definitely spoil my India\\\'s chance to win the coming WorldCup.

Ofcurse there will be ups and downs in everybody\\\'s life thats why the proverb, \\\"No body is 100% perfect\\\".

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