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India needs a bowling coach: Sri

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India need a bowling coach
by deb on Jun 02, 2005 08:57 AM

Yes, sure, India need a bowling coach and his name should start with 'J' and surname with 'S' :-) Now the coache's job has gone to Chappel, this bowling-coach job for India team is left from grabbing, as Chappel obviously does not need a batting coach. Fielding coach? Except Azhar, no one is brave enough to apply for it from India. So you see, why outsourcing to India make Americans and British people angry. Just joking. More seriously, India actually should have both a fast blowing caoch and a coach for spin. And at least in spin bowling part India need not to look for outside the country. But will BCCI ever consider all these things? I doubt.

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Satish Bhardwaj
Who are we to question Sri Nath opinions
by Satish Bhardwaj on Jun 02, 2005 01:15 AM

Sri Nath has proven himself in the field of Cricket. Who are we to question his views regarding a bowling coach or regarding other matters regarding Cricket. In US every time has coaches on every matter regarding a sport. For example a baseball tem would have a head coach and 20 asst coaches regarding every phase of the baseball. For example there would be a a head pitching coach and several asst. pitching coahes, several hitting coaches and several running coaches. I'm surprised that India does not have a bowling coach. It is time the team headed Sri Nath viewson this and other cricket matters.

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I agree
by Deepak on Jun 02, 2005 12:04 AM

I totally second what Srinath is saying. I would say the BCCI is stupid in not appointing Sri as the bowling coach inspite of being rated as the best even better than the all-rounder kapil dev. This is where Indians lag behind, we dont identify our own talents but go looking for foreigners. Its a shame.


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Wastage: 150 Million Hours per one day match.
by Dhruv on Jun 01, 2005 10:46 PM

Please give me a break from this game of losers... 'THE' cricket. What I think Indian cricket need is a break for a lifetime.

Hail global sports.... Soccer rulz... Tennis rulz... F1 rulz... Chess rulz... all but cricket rulz. AND Cricket... well Super wastage of man-hour.

One-day match: Minimum 6 hours
Followers: 25 Million (Average = One-fourth of total population)
Time lost: 150 Million Hours per one day match.
Post match trauma (as Tendulkar & The Sucker Co. usually end up as losers): 300 Million Hours of stress.

Think about it losers...

BTW do you know there is a player of Indian origion in French national soccer team??? Viaksh Dhorasoo... read something loser... Yes I'm talking to you Mr. Editor.

Do some good for sports spirit of India.

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India needs another coach
by Madhav on Jun 01, 2005 09:34 PM

Yes They need a bowling coach. So that I can get some money. I whould be the Bowling coach since I know the Indian turfs the best. How about a fielding and a wicket keeping coach. How about the coach for every player and co ordianter for all 11 coaches? BCCI can afford that just because they have money.

But the fact is real genious does not need the coaches. Look at Roger Federer . He does not have a coach. And still point wise he is 25% more than the his second best. He has not lost a final for long time. On the cotrary Indian greats have always choaked in all theire final appearance. And in future they dont even seem to get there. Bangala Desh and Zimbabwe should be banned from playing Tests and India should be banned from playing ODIs

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