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Not the way to treat Ganguly

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Sudeb Ganguly
Highly unjustified exclusion of Sourav from test & oneday team
by Sudeb Ganguly on Dec 30, 2005 06:22 PM

Sourav Ganguly is the most successful Captain of Indian cricket team and has led India to many memorable victories on Indian & Foreign soil.When he had led India to test and oneday series victories in Pakistan as a captain and as a great player he was eulogised by the same people who now doubt his qualities as a leader and as a player.The Irony of this whole episode where Sourav has been cast in very poor light is that he has the maximum no. of one day centuries(23) after Sachin & has scored more than 15000 runs in all.
Also he is the first Indian captain to have strongly supported new faces even if they failed in one or two matches and given them extended runs so that they prosper some day and become the core nucleus of Team India.Infact he is the one who developed, built and nurtured TEAM INDIA in five and half years of his captaincy.
He gave up his opening slot at the peak of his career and when Sachin-Sourav was hailed as the worlds best opening pair in Onedayers to Sehwag so that he could be developed into a good opener.
The present Indian captain who was given the opportunity to play as wicketkeeper batsmen.

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stupid article
by Sameer on Dec 30, 2005 06:24 AM

Look, i for one did not wish him to be selected in the squad in the first place. He did not do enough to justify his selection in the first place. He has been a baggage in the indian team for too long, and he doesn't even get dropped for a single test match, forget a test series. But once he was selected, he should not have been dropped mid series. A modern example of two wrongs screwing up things even more. Now there is a sort of Ganguly sympathy wave going around the country, and i suspect indian cricket will lose out.

Its not over the hill for ganguly, and i suspect he can be a contributing fringe player for india for the next two years as india tries to groom youngsters. And i think it will be just to ganguly too, given his contribution, that he finally gets to play without the so called burden of captiancy, and eases into retirement in his own terms. But you really should make players accountable. We are actually hypocrites about meritocracy when it comes to our favorite players. I am dissapointed that he hasn't been dropped a single series despite his continuous non performance for the last two years.

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The way to treat Ganguly
by Prakash on Dec 29, 2005 04:33 PM

One cannot live on past laurels. Time to look ahead for the good of the team. Time for Ganguly to bid adios and go into the sunset rather than seek to stay to get a few extra dollars. The new contract can be considered as a golden handshake for excellent services rendered in the past. This is a Team game no individual is greater than the team

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Ganguly...making us feel guilty!!!!!
by pramod on Dec 29, 2005 03:08 PM

Yes Ganguly must be dropped from the team..How can any body say that he is a team man when his country is playing at Eden gardens and crowd not suppoting the team because of him??? He just enjoyed what all happening by sitting at his home. Only he said some thing after meeting Dalmiya and Pawar.Dont you think its politics??
He never runs behind a ball till the last moment nor dive for a ball to stop it. Any bets?? Poor fielding..Isnt it??
Yes i agree that he lead the team to memorable victories..but but what about his form??? He made ceturies only against countries like Zimbabwe & Bangladesh..Thats all.
So dump him unless he makes a come back by proving his class and form in a consistant manner.

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sacked out
by huzefa on Dec 28, 2005 07:39 PM

sacked shewag and gautam gambhir from the team
for the poor performance in series againts

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Anindya Kumar
Not the way to treat Ganguly
by Anindya Kumar on Dec 28, 2005 06:59 PM

It seems that, the entire Indian Cricket Fraternity has turned into a school with the Board, selector, Coach as Faculty and the Players as Students. Ironically, there is role reversal in terms of Maturity among the Faculty and the Students. Moreover, there is a paradigm shift in terms of the importance and the role played by these two departments. The visibility of the Faculty is more these days as they are emerging as the Heros of the game rather than the Players. This regional bias is also a very recent development and is the gift of present Indian Cricket Board. Never before, the Cricket lovers protested the decession of the selectors so vehemently. This will give rise to insecurity among the players and resort them to sycophancy and internal politics. The recent example of Sourav as one of the most successful Indian captain being stripped of captaincy & sacked from the team simultaneously due to a bad stint exemplifies that.

God help, if this immaturity percolates down to the players from the so-called faculty. Moreover, if that happens there will be total chaos in the Indian Cricket. No cricketing Nation will allow this kind of virus, to inflict them from us.

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